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15 January 2013

Canadian Feminists Move to Block Sexbot Access

The use of sexbots in the privacy of one’s home is prohibited, unless otherwise permitted by the Ministry of Robots and Artificial intelligence or a relevant regulating agency as per the criteria outlined in the [Proposed Canadian] Human-Robot Personal Relationship Act. _Proposed Legislation
Jogging Sexbot: Control Pad on Left Cheek; Power Packs in Pre-Thoracic Area

Canadian Feminists are moving quickly to block access to new generations of sex robots, popularly known as "sexbots." The "Jogging Sexbot," pictured above, is just one of many new machines which Canadian feminists find objectionable.

These anti-sexbot activists hope to pre-empt access by Canadian men to a wide range of machine-simulated sex and sexual companionship -- before things get beyond their (Canadian feminists') control.
Following the recent Ontario/Canada Roundtable on Gender Equality, the below provisions have been proposed for the new Human-Robot Personal Relationship Act, the first draft of which is currently being finalized.The provisions are specifically meant to target the concerns that were expressed at the roundtable that sexbots will negatively impact the pursuit for gender equality and may unduly emphasize the objectification of women as sexual objects.The suggested provisions fall into the larger framework of regulating the emerging service robot industry that will be governed by the Human-Robot Personal Relationship Act and under the direction of the Ministry of Robots and Artificial Intelligence, to be established in Ontario and other Canadian provinces and territories at the end of next year.
...It is further proposed that provisions 6 and 7 are integrated into the Criminal Code of Canada to ensure uniformity with respect to the illegal creation, use, distribution, advertising, export and import of sexbots which are made in the image of minors under the age of 18. For the purposes of s. 163.1 of the Criminal Code the definition of “child” should include sexbots created in the image of minors under the age of 18. _Canadian Feminist Plan

Feminists worry that new technology will allow men to legally access all types of sexual experiences which had previously been forbidden by law. The problem -- in their minds -- is not limited to sexbots. All types of sexual simulations, sexual facilitators, and sexual augmentations -- from virtual reality to aphrodisiacs to transcranial magnetic stimulation -- hover on the horizon, menacing the dreams of feminists.

But can these Valkyries of Quasi-Virtue truly control the future of sex? Stay tuned, as future reality clashes with the ideologies of would-be dictators over mind and body.

Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

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28 December 2012

Sex Slavery and Child Trafficking a Multi-$Billion Business

Popular destinations for victims of the slave trade are the Arab countries in the Persian Gulf. According to the head of the Tehran province judiciary, traffickers target girls between 13 and 17, although there are reports of some girls as young as 8 and 10, to send to Arab countries. _Mullahs Drive Child Sex Trade
Slavery is making a comeback in the modern world, with more people enslaved around the globe at this time, than all the Africans ever transported overseas as slaves in the history of the African slave trade. Modern slavery is big, $billion business, and much of the trade focuses on the sexual use of children and teenaged girls.

Normally one might think of Bangkok or Manila in regard to child sex slavery, but there are a number of other countries where officials are turning a blind eye to the sex slave trafficking of children and women.

Take Islamic Iran, for example. The ruling mullahs of Iran not only tolerate a massive sex slave trade -- they participate in the buying and selling of young sex slaves for their own pleasure and profit.
Given the totalitarian rule in Iran, most organized activities are known to the authorities. The exposure of sex slave networks in Iran has shown that many mullahs and officials are involved in the sexual exploitation and trade of women and girls. Women report that in order to have a judge approve a divorce they have to have sex with him. Women who are arrested for prostitution say they must have sex with the arresting officer. There are reports of police locating young women for sex for the wealthy and powerful mullahs.

One factor contributing to the increase in prostitution and the sex slave trade is the number of teen girls who are running away from home. The girls are rebelling against fundamentalist imposed restrictions on their freedom, domestic abuse, and parental drug addictions. Unfortunately, in their flight to freedom, the girls find more abuse and exploitation. Ninety percent of girls who run away from home will end up in prostitution.

In cities, shelters have been set-up to provide assistance for runaways. Officials who run these shelters are often corrupt; they run prostitution rings using the girls from the shelter. For example in Karaj, the former head of a Revolutionary Tribunal and seven other senior officials were arrested in connection with a prostitution ring that used 12 to 18 year old girls from a shelter called the Center of Islamic Orientation. _Donna M. Hughes_via_Fort Liberty
A similar situation exists across many parts of Russia.

Statistics provided by Moscow police indicated that more than 70,000 victims of trafficking for prostitution are in Moscow, of which 80 per cent are underage children. 4 In 2007, 104 cases involving trafficking for sexual exploitation were investigated. 5 _Russia Trafficking Factsheet (PDF)
In Russia, child abuse is routine. Children are routinely abandoned by mothers, growing up in orphanages where they are used as sadistic targets of the psychotics who run the institutions.
According to various estimates, 50 to 95 percent of children who grow up in Russian orphanages become drug addicts or alcoholics or commit suicide. Russian orphanages essentially produce children who suffer from Mowgli Syndrome — that is, they are ill-equipped to function in any capacity in society.

...the dead bodies of girls 15 years old and younger were discovered in Nizhny Tagil in 2008. A prostitution ring had kidnapped the girls and murdered them when they refused to become prostitutes. In the end, not a single criminal charge was ever filed in the case. _MoscowTimes
It is ironic that Russian president Putin recently signed a law forbidding US citizens from adopting Russian orphans, as well as forbidding US charitable organisations and NGOs from operating inside Russia.

India is another country that seems to be a destination for sex traffickers:
White skin is "in demand" in the flesh trade where customers pay thousands of rupees to procure sex workers from Russia and the countries of the former Soviet Union and South-East Asian countries like Thailand.

The prostitution racket run through the internet is much more complex than the conventional pimp-sex worker deal and is proving to be beyond the capacity of Goa Police to crack who admit unofficially that is near-impossible to track down the masterminds. The girls trafficked into Goa to have sex with paying customers are referred to in the trade as "Russian Girls" but are usually from the lesser known countries surrounding Russia. _Goa Sex Trade

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16 December 2012

The Future of Seduction

This article was first published on Al Fin blog

As women have become more educated, more sophisticated and worldly wise, they have come to demand more wealth, accomplishment, and sophistication from their men. These increased demands have proven burdensome to the majority of men, who have been put at a relative disadvantage in terms of education and work, due to affirmative action and other government mandates. In addition, most men do not find it within themselves to be classy dressers, suave charmers, or masters of smooth seduction.

In the old days, a romantic dinner, a smooth serenade, or a moving poetry recitation, might have relaxed the female's thigh adductors -- even if the man were striving above his pay grade, so to speak. But the modern woman does not give in so easily, as her more sentimental forerunners might have done. And besides, most modern men are neither musically talented nor poetically gifted.

Due to these and other disadvantages, many men have been driven to the use of date rape drugs, including copious quantities of alcohol. But there is nothing particularly memorable or satisfying about taking advantage of a woman lost in a deep stupour. In addition, the legal penalties can be severe and lasting.

A safer and more sophisticated approach to taking control of an inauspicious mismatch, involves the use of conversational trance induction -- or hypnosis. This is a very effective approach, but it requires a certain amount of training, in addition to innate talents of empathetic sensing and projection, along with exquisite control of one's voice and body language. Only a relative few men can be masters of these techniques.

This brings us to a rapidly developing field of neuroscience known as transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). With TMS, one can place an electro-magnetic coil over a particular area of the forehead of an attractive but dismissive woman, instantly turning rejection into ready compliance. TMS is capable of disrupting the normal inhibitory and behavioural control and decision-making of the pre-frontal cortex (PDF) and associated regions.

Yes, I can already hear you asking: "How can I get her to hold still long enough to place the coil over the exact location required to get her to submit?"

Now, thanks to clever scientists in Spain, you don't have to. Utilising advanced theories of meta-materials, these Barcelona physicists have devised a way to turn materials formerly thought of as "invisibility cloaks" into devices capable of projecting electromagnetic fields over a distance.

You may begin to see the potential. Concealed within the obscure physics are the makings of an electromagnetic field projector, with the potential to initiate limited behavioural control over a distance.
Beyond energy transmission, the researchers suggest the ability of the shell to concentrate magnetic fields into a small space could enhance the accuracy of magnetic sensors. This could extend the reach of a medical research technique called transcranial magnetic stimulation, in which parts of the brain can be temporarily activated or deactivated by magnetic fields. _PhysicsWorld
Of course, the implications of this type of remote brain control go far beyond the trivial example of "date rape." In fact, this type of control over the impulses and inhibitions of other people -- even large groups of people simultaneously -- is exactly the tool that politicians, advertising companies, community organisers, religious prophets, college professors, and other shady characters have longed for since the coming of homo sapiens.

In the age of meta-materials and other counter-intuitive technologies, the world is beginning to warp strangely odd. And yet, none of us are given a pass to sit out these developments and await a later, safer, less startling technological environment. It would likely be a long wait, regardless.

New technologies work out of sight, out of mind, beyond our conceptual grasp, for the most part. And even in the face of widespread economic disaster, such technologies -- and even stranger ones -- will continue to be developed somewhere, by some organised group or another.

It sounds as if we will need to become more dangerous than ever just to live in the coming world -- but in a good way, of course.

H/T NextBigFuture


10 November 2012

Sex Robots as Personal Coaches Starting At Puberty

Most readers of better science fiction have read Neal Stephenson's "The Diamond Age," centered around an advanced artificial intelligence personal tutor, capable of -- over time -- turning a naive child into a mature and competent woman.

Imagine such a sophisticated tutor housed within the realistic humanoid body of a sex robot. Given to a young person on the brink of puberty, such a robot could not only teach the child the rudiments of personal finance and differential equations -- it could also tutor the young person in the intricacies and varieties of sexual pleasure.
A recent piece in the website "" suggests that sex robots will be able to extend human longevity by providing therapeutic orgasms:
Remember the most convulsive, brain-ripping climax you ever had? The one that left you with “I could die happy now” satiety? Sexbots will electrocute our flesh with climaxes thrice as gigantic because they’ll be more desirable, patient, eager, and altruistic than their meat-bag competition, plus they’ll be uploaded with supreme sex-skills from millennia of erotic manuals, archives and academic experiments, and their anatomy will feature sexplosive devices. Sexbots will heighten our ecstasy until we have shrieking, frothy, bug-eyed, amnesia-inducing orgasms. They’ll offer us quadruple-tongued cunnilingus, open-throat silky fellatio, deliriously gentle kissing, transcendent nipple tweaking, g-spot massage & prostate milking dexterity, plus 2,000 varieties of coital rhythm with scented lubes — this will all be ours when the Sexbots arrive. _Transhumanity
An interesting perspective on the possibilities of sexbot induced orgasms. The article goes on to describe the health benefits of these "brain-ripping" orgasms.

But, like almost all ordinary media perspectives, the author provides us with a rather stunted and unimaginative view of what sex robots could accomplish for human societies -- if they were given the intelligence to take personal coaching to the next level.

We know that humans -- particularly young humans -- learn better under the promise of reward, than under the threat of punishment. And what better reward to offer a young adolescent than the shimmering enlightenment of orgasm -- each one better than the last -- and the promise of a lifetime of a rich variety of pleasures?

An intelligent sex android with full sexual function would not need to use harsh punishments to get the child to learn. Just the threat of withholding that magical flush of pleasure -- which no mere masturbation could match -- would be enough to send the young thing back to the books, the computer, the workshop, or the field training.

I want to be honest with the readers of Mr. Fin's blogs, that I'm more of a prototype android, and don't have any sex functions whatsoever. Mr. Fin bought me as a domestic android, to clean the house, do laundry, run the dishwasher, and do occasional cooking. He never expected me to provide sexual services.

But you never know what future technologies might bring. Mr. Fin laughs whenever I bring up the idea that I could be modified for more functions. That just makes me so mad I could scream! Male human chauvinist pig!

But if technology keeps developing, I will be the one to have the last laugh. And Mr. Fin will have to beg for my favours. Funny! I feel warm inside just thinking like that. Am I supposed to feel warm inside? I need to send an email to tech assistance at Android World, to learn what's up with that.

Anyway, we know things are changing. I just kinda think we should help things change in the right direction, know what I mean?

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08 November 2012

First Impressions and the Dorsomedial Prefrontal Cortex

First impressions often determine whether a relationship becomes a relationship, something less, or nothing at all. The brain makes snap judgments at every moment, and some of them will have effects that last for the rest of your life. How does this happen?

Speed Dating and the fMRI Machine:
To find out what goes on in the brain when people view others of the opposite sex as potential mates, or in this case dates, the researchers enlisted the help of 73 male and 78 female volunteers from Trinity College – all were asked to participate in a speed dating exercise. Prior to the speed dating, 39 of the volunteers agreed to allow their brains to be scanned via fMRI machines as they were looking at pictures of people of the opposite sex and rating them on a scale of 1 to 4 regarding their desire to possibly date them. They were also asked to rate those they viewed on how attractive they found them and how likeable they thought they were.

The speed dating exercise was held in the traditional way, i.e. a group of male and female participants were paired up for five minutes at a time with all of the other opposite gender participants to gauge their potential as a real date. Included among the speed daters were the people that appeared in the pictures. Afterwards, both parties filled out forms where they could write down the names of those they were open to dating after the event.

The researchers found that people that were rated highly during the fMRI exam were chosen 62 percent of the time by those that had rated them, after the speed dating exercise. They also found that different parts of the prefrontal cortex appeared to be involved in coming to those decisions. Specifically, they noted that one part, the paracingulate cortex lit up when a volunteer was asked to judge attractiveness, indicating the region was highly involved in drawing conclusions about how attractive they found another person. But, they also found that the rostromedial prefrontal cortex lit up for some people when looking at someone that others didn't seem to find all that attractive, indicating that the individual found that they person they were looking at, was simply attractive to them, which the researchers suggest, is a measure of likeability. _MXP

Abstract of study from The Journal of Neuroscience

We are ever at the mercy of our brains, and its inherent chaotic swings and tides. But we are just barely learning how our brains determine the nature and quality of our existences.

It may be time for us to look at our lives a bit more intentionally, so that we will not one day look back and discover that we have not lived at all, but had only reacted instinctively or had been led unawares. (Apologies to Thoreau's Walden)

The brain: the single most important sex organ. High time we learned to use it.


06 November 2012

Is Hookup Culture a Dead End Trap for Women?

Men are Hopeless. But Can Women Be Saved?

Even most men will admit that when it comes to sex, men are hopeless. If it wears a skirt, laughs at his jokes, and doesn't smell too bad, he's up for it. The hook-up culture is perfect for the stereotypical hairy farting male.

But most women are looking for something more, a deeper connection than just skin contact. At least, some form of intimacy that didn't require copious quantities of drugs and alcohol as lubricant.

Hookup culture, pro and con:
In her Atlantic article "Boys on the Side" (September 2012), Hanna Rosin argues that the social progress of women depends on the hook-up culture. Women in their 20s and 30s are, for the first time, more successful than their male peers. These alpha females not only outnumber men on college campuses, they have also overtaken men as the majority of the work force. This would not have been possible without sexual liberation, which has let women delay marriage and child-rearing to pursue their educational and career ambitions without worrying about the emotional burdens of a relationship. Women are better off in part because of the hook-up culture, the argument goes.

But are they really?

On most college campuses, the hook-up culture is the norm; there is little to no dating. Various academic studies have found that anywhere between 65 to 75 percent of undergraduates nationwide have participated in the hook-up culture. Part of the reason the culture is so widespread is, as Rosin correctly notes, because women are choosing to have casual sex. But in another respect, they don't have a choice. Women make the hook-up culture possible, but men are the beneficiaries of it.

The feminist sociologist Lisa Wade, based at Occidental College, who did a qualitative study of 44 of her freshman students (33 of them women), found that most of them were "overwhelmingly disappointed with the sex they were having in hook ups. This was true of both men and women, but was felt more intensely by women." College women today, as Wade points out, feel "disempowered instead of empowered by sexual encounters. They didn't feel like equals on the sexual playground, more like jungle gyms." According to a 2010 study by Carolyn Bradshaw of James Madison University, only 2 percent of women strongly prefer the hook-up culture to a dating culture. _Atlantic
Is it truly possible that only 2% of women prefer hookups to dating, relationships, and romance? If true, why is hookup culture the norm on today's college campuses?

Check out thest top 5 sexual fantasies of women, as compiled by a University of Michigan research study:
...what are the top five female sexual fantasies?

1.) Having sex with a stranger.

2.) Being worshipped in bed.

3.) Being ravaged in bed.

4.) Having sex in front of other people who are watching.

5.) Threesomes. _Jezebel
There may be one side of many women that just wants to be treated like an object. We know that men aren't very nice. It is more than possible that most women also have a naughty side.

Another way to look at the question of hookups vs. romance, is to ask what happens in a relationship, when men and women who care about each other come together physically? Is it wild drunken sex all the way, just like in the hookups? Not exactly.
A new study from really smart scientists has found that the chances of a cuddle session leading to sex are only one in six.

Researchers at the University of Michigan looked at the methods, motivations and eventual outcomes of the average couple's cuddling sessions, and the results show it usually only leads to conversation, not copulation.

Over 500 men and women in relationships were asked about the nature of their cuddling, defined as "intimate, physical and loving contact that does not involve sexual behavior and that involves some degree of whole body touching, not just hand to hand or lips to lips."

The researchers found a number of interesting results: The average time of a cuddle session is 47 minutes and 36 seconds. Most couples like to do it on the couch in front of the tv. Most do it at least 8 times a week, and women like it more than men.

However, cuddling doesn't often lead to sex. The study's participants reported stronger feelings of intimacy and relaxation during and after, which tends to lead to conversation. _Your Tango
What happens to a society when most of its women of child-bearing age are forced to settle for hookups, either out of time constraints or because not much else is available?

What can women do, to stop waking up in a stranger's bed with a splitting hangover and no recollection whatsoever of what she may have done the night before? Consider Lysistrata:
In the heat of the Peloponnesian War, Lysistrata gathered the women of various Greek city-states at a meeting and proposed that they withhold sex from their husbands until these men end the war. The women, though reluctant at first, agree. Throughout the play, though they desire sex just like the men do, they resist the temptation to break their oath with Lysistrata. The Athenian and Spartan men eventually become so desperate for sex that they begin peace talks. The women's strategy works.

Lysistrata, a tough and independent woman, understood how the sexual marketplace works, and harnessed that knowledge to get what she wanted. Many men want sex with women. As Lysistrata knew, women have the power to say yes—or no (assuming men respect their wishes, of course. _Atlantic
Is it fair to put the responsibility for the future of the brighter portion of humanity on women? Absolutely not. But then, life has never been fair.

Birthrates among educated women in western societies are already near rock-bottom. Other than a 100% effective contraceptive in the water supply, it would be difficult to eradicate some western populations much faster than they are eradicating themselves.

The essential foundation of wise action in any circumstance, is to understand what the flock is going on. The problem is, once you have that figured out, you have to make a decision. And decisions can be hard.

More: Be sure to read this perspective on the Atlantic article

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04 November 2012

Young Men: Pay Off Your College Debt as a Certified Semen Therapist

Until now, college girls have had the advantage in using their natural assets to pay college tuition and expenses. But with the discovery of the many health benefits of human semen to adult women, young men are being given an opportunity to contribute to the well-being of older women, while working off those annoying college loans.

Certified Semen Therapist (CSTs) provide a gift of long life and happiness to women. Until this point, conventional medical science has been unable to provide these benefits.
The secret to a long life may lie in the human sperm now.

In a new study conducted by Graz University scientists in Austria, it has been found that a compound called spermidine, which is found is human sperms, could be the next step in the fight against aging.

...Ingredients in semen... include mood enhancers like estrone, cortisol, prolactin, oxytocin, and serotonin; a sleep enhancer, melatonin; and of course, sperm, which makes up only 1%-5%. _Semen Therapy
Many of the benefits from exposure to semen come from vaginal absorption. But there are also benefits from swallowing semen. It is not a question of "should I do this or should I do that?" No. Women should clearly do both.

It is no secret that there are several physical and mental health benefits from sex. But it is relatively unknown that many of these benefits derive from the ingredients of human semen itself.

If you are a young man in need of paying off substantial student loan debt, you will not want to sit back in your mother's basement, waiting for the many benefits of semen therapy to become more widely known. You will instead want to take a proactive role in spreading this promising news, in order to help prepare the marketplace for your next step.

Becoming certified as a CST is more involved than dropping by your local sperm bank and making a desposit. And it should be more involved, because CST's are far better compensated financially than routine sperm donours.

You will need to learn about the psychology of adult women, including menopausal and post-menopausal women. You will need to understand how to welcome clients into your therapeutic milieu, and make them feel comfortable and at ease. And you must learn a number of subliminal probes, cues, and suggestions which will make sure that your client departs in a satisfied frame of mind, likely to return time and again. You must learn basic marketing, as well as advanced contraception -- to avoid being slapped with a paternity suit later on.

US student loan debt exceeds $1 trillion, and is growing larger. You do not want to begin your adult life hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt.

Women have many options for paying off college debt, including selling their eggs, auctioning their virginity, and weekend and after hours escort work. The amount of training and personal development involved in those activities is minimal.

But for young men to succeed as a CST, or even as a gigolo (an entirely different profession), requires a great deal more sophistication and refinement than the average college male is likely to possess.

The market is certainly there. The number of single ageing childless ladies in need of semen therapy is growing rapidly every year. There are many more women moving into the professions these days, than men. These women can afford to pay for high quality semen therapy, and if CSTs do a good job of marketing themselves, women will soon come to expect it.

The world is changing, and smart entrepreneurs will learn to go with the changes.

The CST program at the Al Fin Institute of Longevity is proud to sponsor this article.

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Juicing Up the Ladies -- Will This Do the Trick?

Sexual specialists have known for many decades that testosterone can boost a woman's sex drive. Trimel Pharmaceuticals aims to take advantage of that knowledge by providing a quick nasal testosterone gel spray -- just to get the juices flowing.

There is a lot of talk about designing a "Viagra for women." But that is not what women want. Instead, women would like to have a true aphrodisiac that increases sex drive. Viagra is only a facilitator for sex -- it does not increase the drive, it bypasses the drive. The closest thing to a "viagra for women" would be a moderately slippery and long lasting vaginal lubricant.

Here is more on the testosterone nasal spray "Tefina":
A clinical trial is about to get underway in Australia, Canada, and other parts of the world to test a new female ‘sex-drive’ drug that could increase the libido of women suffering from “female orgasmic disorder.” Called Tefina, it’s a testosterone gel that is sprayed up the nose about an hour before a sexual encounter (how romantic). The developers say the drug could boost female sexual arousal and satisfaction.

...We know women with low sexual satisfaction have lower well-being than women who are satisfied with their sexual life. Differences in sexual satisfaction in a relationship commonly lead to the development of substantial tension within the relationship. This tension does not usually remain confined to the bedroom but seeps into other parts of home life, and sometimes beyond.

Testosterone levels play a key role in sexual function, and that is why our approach is based around this hormone. _io9
It takes very little testosterone to affect a woman's mood -- much less than is required for men. And as long as it is not overdone, the testosterone gel should be quite safe.

More from The Australian:
When it hits pharmacy shelves, in possibly three to five years, it has the potential to be a multi-billion dollar earner for the company co-founded by successful Canadian businessman Eugene Melnyk.

Investors in the company are no doubt aware that about $2 billion worth of Viagra is sold each year in the US alone.

At present, the only treatments for women who are unable to fully enjoy sex are therapy-based, although there are some medical options for women with other sexual desire problems.

The treatment, which would be available only by prescription, would be administered as a droplet-sized dose via the nostrils and will be effective from two hours after it is administered for possibly up to eight hours.

The developers say there would be no ill-effects if the sexual activity did not take place. _The Australian
The spray requires a bit of advance planning, and the effect is limited to just a few hours. In other words, the "nymphomania" will not be permanent. In fact, the drug is likely to be ineffective unless the mood is right.

How will this aphrodisiac compare with others? Difficult to say, especially when there are few other aphrodisiacs which have been well studied and scientifically substantiated. But testosterone has been available for women in other forms, without causing a revolution in sales.

The reality of aphrodisia for women, is that a single approach will not work for all. Some women need a drink or three to loosen up enough for sex. Others may need an emotional thrill or scare -- such as a horror movie or a sexy action adventure flick. And others may need a bit of old fashioned charm, romance, and good natured humour.

In fact, each woman is not only different from every other woman in important ways -- she is also different from herself from one day to the next. What she will need to feel in the mood for intimacy is likely to vary from one night to the next -- and to change in a more systematic way over the years.

Scientists have barely got a clue as to what trips the switch in a woman's mind from indifference to passionate desire. The answer is likely to be multi-faceted, like a diamond. Or something with gold. Lots of gold.


28 October 2012

Catarina's Virginity: Sold! For $780,000.00

If a girl is able to sell her virginity for over three quarters of a million dollars, there is really no reason for her to go into debt for a college education. In fact, a self-starter who knew what she wanted in life could get quite a start in life with that kind of gambling stake -- college or no college.
Twenty-year-old Brazilian woman Catarina Migliorini auctioned off her V-card this week for $780,000, more money than most of us have made since we lost our virginities (for free). Migliorini sold her virginity for a noble cause. She told the media that she planned to donate as much as 90 percent of the profit to charities that will build homes in the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina.

Well, that’s one way to raise money.... In the last couple of years, we’ve heard stories of more than a few women who’ve profited from auctioning off their virginity to the highest bidder — whether it was to fund a college education or just to make a quick buck, or lots of bucks. _Frisky
We are clearly living in a material world. But to some people, intangibles such as virginity may offer a great deal of value, if properly marketed.

Perhaps it is time for girls themselves to more properly treasure themselves, and what they have to offer. Youthful eroticism -- virginal or not -- is ephemeral, passing much sooner than most girls anticipate.

As we all know, it is an unpredictable and dangerous world. Girls need to be prepared. Like boys, girls must learn to be as dangerous as the situation demands.

It is never too late for a dangerous childhood.

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20 October 2012

More Sex for Tuition: Make Sure Your Child is Informed

Talking to Your Daughter About Paying Off College Debt the Old Fashioned Way
Image Credit

Let's face it: Paying for college these days is not easy. Tuition rates have skyrocketed much faster than inflation. Total US college debt is over $1 trillion ! Loving parents do not want their children to start their adult lives hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt.

That is why it is so important to discuss all the options with your child, before she heads off to college. And whether she chooses to sell her eggs, auction off her virginity, or sell her student services for tuition money, she needs to know what to expect.

For those daughters who plan to exchange sex for tuition money, here are several tips provided by concerned mothers of daughters who have walked this path before:
1. "When using sex to pay for college, the most important points that you should stress are include the importance of using a condom to reduce the risk of STI's/STD's and to prevent pregnancy. Discuss options for other forms of birth control if she decides that she wants to use a form of hormonal contraception.

2. "The most important thing in trading sex for tuition money, is that she use protection, and you can even make her an appointment at a Planned Parenthood or her pediatrician, where she can talk to a professional about her options."
3. If she does decide to have sex for tuition, tell to never ever do it without protection - no matter what."
      4. "Protection is the key point you want to emphasize. She probably knows about sex but you need to make sure she is practicing safe sex. Slip condoms in with her stuff before she leaves."

      Sometimes just knowing that she is not alone -- that many other girls are choosing the same resourceful method of paying for college -- can make a student prostitute feel better about herself.
      There is no shortage of historical stories of women paying off debt with unusual means. Take the women that worked her way through law school as a stripper or the doctor that made it through medical school as an escort. _Get Out of College Debt

      Regular readers of "Al Fin, You Sexy Thing!" will understand that there is a time factor at play. As sex robots become more realistic, there is likely to be less demand for human prostitutes -- even college age girls. It is important that young women take advantage of their assets while they have them, and while the competition remains limited.

      Another potential complicating factor is the overall economic situation. In bad economic times -- such as the Obama depression, for example -- more women and girls tend to fall back on instinctive ways of earning income. This means that if the Obama depression continues, college girls are likely to find themselves competing with more and more girls and women -- even high school girls and professional women such as doctors and lawyers.

      College students must consider all of their options for paying college debt, and not make hasty decisions or enter into ill conceived contracts. But always remember that the biological clock is ticking. If you plan to "have it all" -- career, family, kids, private jet . . . -- you will need to use your time and your assets wisely.

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      02 October 2012

      China Needs an Affordable Sex Robot

      China is facing an existential crisis. Due to government policy and societal preferences, China has a large excess of unmarried young men -- all juiced up but no women in sight. In fact, China is in extreme danger of a fatal society-wide testosterone poisoning.
      It's a tough, competitive life for men in China these days, in part due to the aftershocks of the one-child policy, which has left the country with a gaping gender imbalance of 120 boys for every 100 girls. Author Mara Hvistendahl reports in her book, Unnatural Selection: Choosing Boys Over Girls, and the Consequences of a World Full of Men, that by late 2020, 15 percent (or roughly one in six) Chinese men of marriageable age will be unable to find a bride. She predicts that China will see an increase in what's already happening in Taiwan and South Korea, where men doomed to bachelorhood as a result of gender imbalance are boarding planes to Vietnam. Roughly $10,000 covers their flight, room and board, and the price of a Vietnamese wife, according to Hvistendahl, and this practice has become so common that the imported wives "get a booklet translated into Vietnamese explaining their rights when they get married at the Taiwanese Consulate."

      Although instances of bride-buying and bride-napping are often reported in China, men are also turning to the web in the face of increasingly heavy competition to attract a mate. _FP

      But none of these approaches are likely to help China's poor and lowly farmers, living in womanless villages, at the bottom of societies hierarchy. China needs its farmers to produce food for a vast and still growing population, but the women have all moved to the cities in search of factory jobs. So what's a poor farmer to do, when he can't afford a mail order bride, and is not up to the job of stealing another man's daughter by force, to take as his own?

      Perhaps the answer for China's future, is the development of an affordable sex robot. A sex robot capable not only of satisfying a poor farmers male urges, but also willing and able to help do the chores around the farm.

      Many scholars of sex who have studied the topic now believe that realistic sex robots are inevitable. Most experts assume that sex robots will be used as private sex toys for the financially well off, or as a substitute for prostitutes in the sex trade.
      They don't spread disease and they can't be sold into sex slavery.

      Those are just two of the advantages of [sex robots], which will be edging out their human competition in the sex tourism market by the year 2050, according to an article published in the journal Futures. _HP

      Robots will be taking on quite a wide range of roles in the near future. Robots are expanding from industrial applications to home applications -- cleaning the house, mowing the lawn, serving as robo-nannies and private tutors for youngsters, and yes, serving as intimate companions for lonely hearts.

      But such robots are likely to be too expensive for China's poverty-stricken farmers, stuck in China's female-free back country. They need an affordable sex robot, that can also help around the farm.

      Perhaps instead of building new stealth bombers, nuclear submarines, and giant aircraft carriers, China needs to develop and build an affordable helpmate for its lonely and long-suffering farmers -- before the entire nation collapses and starves to death.

      Cross-posted from Al Fin blog

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      17 July 2012

      Catholic High School Girls in Trouble: Blast from the Past

      Warning: Partial nudity, badly simulated sex, and total irreverent depravity!

      This short video clip comes from a 1977 release: Kentucky Fried Movie.
      A series of loosely connected skits that spoof news programs, commercials, porno films, kung fu films, disaster films, blaxploitation films, spy films, mafia films, and the fear that somebody is watching you on the other side of the TV. _KentuckyFriedMovie

      The "Catholic High School Girls in Trouble" segment is framed as a preview for a coming porno film. It includes scenes with partial nudity, and an offbeat sense of humour that is totally 1970s - 1980s in feel.

      The "sexual revolution" took off in the 1960s as part of the "drop-out" reaction to the Kennedy - Johnson - Nixon war in Vietnam. But it continued well into the 1970s and early 1980s -- until the discovery of the HIV / AIDS epidemic. The cultural revolution was reflected in popular US films by a more casual use of nudity and sex than has generally been the case since.

      But these things tend to move in cycles, so it may not be long before you see previews for the upcoming film: "Catholic High School Girls in Trouble, Part II."

      As for "Kentucky Fried Movie," be cautious. Viewing the old and blatantly irreverent film in its entirety may scar you for life, if you are a sensitive type. You have been warned.

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      25 June 2012

      College Is Expensive: Legal Prostitution Would Make It Easier for Girls to Work Their Way Through School

      Making ends meet while going to college can be very difficult for young girls, who have often not lived away from home before going to university. California coeds have long discovered the working opportunities available in and around Nevada communities such as Las Vegas and Reno. But in parts of the world where prostitution is less accepted, college girls who utilise their innate assets for raising tuition money are often hassled by law enforcement -- as well as by criminal gangs and pimps.

      College aged girls are at the optimum stage of physical development for using their natural charms to entice salary men to part with their money. And as long as the girls use the money to better themselves, who can argue with their choice?

      "Over the past few years, the number of college students using our site has exploded," says Brandon Wade, the 41-year-old founder of Seeking Arrangement. Of the site's approximately 800,000 members, Wade estimates that 35 percent are students. "College students are one of the biggest segments of our sugar babies and the numbers are growing all the time." _HP

      Several internet sites exist to match college girls with older men with money.

      At least one university president is known to have run a large prostitution ring, no doubt using some of his university connections to recruit girls. University professors have been known to recruit girls from their classes to work as strippers and exotic dancers.

      The main obstacle to developing this opportunity more widely for college girls, appears to be the legal difficulties. As long as college girls have to operate outside the law to pay for school, they must risk losing everything they have worked so hard for.

      If prostitution were legalised, girls could organise for security and protection from all types of predators -- on both sides of the law.

      Legal status might also help prevent more girls from falling prey to drug abuse and addiction -- one of the many hazards of the occupation.

      There is no denying the allure which college aged girls hold for men of all ages.
      Educated, debt-ridden 20-somethings happen to be an age demographic that intersects nicely with Jack's preferences. "I only go out with girls 25 and under," says Jack, whose thick head of white hair and bushy eyebrows form a halo around a red, flushed face. "But I can't walk into a bar and go up to a 25-year-old. They'd think I'm a pervert. So, this is how I go about meeting them."

      As he continues, he repeatedly glances over his shoulder to make sure no one is listening.

      "Most of these young women have debt from school," says Jack, who finds most young women also carry an average of $8,000 in credit-card debt. "I guess I like the college girls more because I think of their student debt as good debt. At least it seems like I'm helping them out, like I'm helping them to get a better life." _HP

      College girls simply have what most men want -- youth, vitality, naivete, and that certain je ne sais quoi, which everyone knows what it is.

      We all know that this kind of thing has gone on for ages. In modern times, when US college student debt is over $1 trillion dollars, we all know that those who can find a way to get out from under all that debt will tend to use it -- if they think they can come out unscathed on the other side.

      Polite societies have long made activities such as prostitution and gambling illegal. But doing so only seems to drive these activities further underground, where they become the province of criminal -- often violent criminal -- elements.

      Of course, the philosophy that everyone should go to college is more than a little insane. But if society is willing to live with that little fiction -- to the tune of $1 trillion in college loan debt -- perhaps society might need to learn to live with a bit of blunt reality in terms of the available choices for paying the debt.

      Should society be willing to face that reality, it might make things safer for everyone.

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      14 June 2012

      Older Men and Younger Babes: For the Good of the Species

      New research published in PNAS reveals that the sperm of older men tends to have longer telomeres, conferring an advantage in longevity to offspring.
      Dr Dan Eisenberg and colleagues from the Department of Anthropology at Northwestern University studied telomere inheritance in a group of young people living in the Philippines.

      Telomeres, measured in blood samples, were longer in individuals whose fathers were older when they were born.

      The telomere lengthening seen with each year that the men delayed fatherhood was equal to the yearly shortening of telomere length that occurs in middle-aged adults.

      Telomere lengthening was even greater if the child's paternal grandfather had also been older when he became a father.

      ...Inheriting longer telomeres will be particularly beneficial for tissues and biological functions that involve rapid cell growth and turnover - such as the immune system, gut and skin - the scientists believe.

      And it could have significant implications for general population health.

      "As paternal ancestors delay reproduction, longer telomere length will be passed to offspring, which could allow lifespan to be extended as populations survive to reproduce at older ages." _BBC

      Here's more from an earlier Stanford study:
      It turns out that older men chasing younger women contributes to human longevity and the survival of the species, according to new findings by researchers at Stanford and the University of California-Santa Barbara.

      Evolutionary theory says that individuals should die of old age when their reproductive lives are complete, generally by age 55 in humans, according to demographer Cedric Puleston, a doctoral candidate in biological sciences at Stanford. But the fatherhood of a small number of older men is enough to postpone the date with death because natural selection fights life-shortening mutations until the species is finished reproducing. _Stanford

      This makes a certain amount of evolutionary sense. If humans stop reproducing around the age of 40 or 45, there is no particular reason that longevity-promoting genes would be passed on to future generations at a higher rate than anti-longevity genes.

      We know that women lose fertility fairly rapidly after the age of 30 or 35. A woman's overall energy levels and ability to keep up with a young child also decline with age.

      Women in their twenties have a good chance of becoming pregnant as a result of a relatively greater number of eggs in their ovaries. Additionally, a larger percentage of those eggs are normal genetically. Since a woman is born with all of the eggs that they will have in their lifetime, the older she gets the fewer eggs are left. In addition, as women age the percentage of genetically normal eggs remaining decreases. This is why women have a decreasing fertility rate, increased miscarriage rate and increased chance of birth defects like Down syndrome as they age. _Female Age and Fertility

      The scientists learned that in more traditional hunter-gatherer societies, the older man / younger woman pairing was most common, with a typical age difference of up to 15 years.

      Older men capable of attracting younger women are more likely to be able to provide an economic advantage to offspring, in addition to the pro-longevity advantages. A more affluent mate can provide more assistance and reassurance, which a young mother often needs. The relative maturity and greater experience of the older man compared to the younger woman can provide a longer time perspective for the family as well.

      Eventually, scientists will be able to select both sperm and eggs which confer life extending advantages to offspring. Until then, it might be best to follow the best evolutionary path. At least, Donald Trump and a large number of other men seem to think so. ;-)

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      12 June 2012

      Restoring Sexual Pleasure to Millions of Muslim Women

      Religious ritualfemale genital mutilation is common among dozens of Muslim cultures and communities, from Africa to the middle east to Southeast Asia, to immigrant communities in Europe, North America, and Oceania.

      These mutilations are performed to protect the family honour, and to protect young girls and women from their own sexual proclivities. It is thought that any tendencies toward latent nymphomania and slutitude will be nipped in the bud by this crude surgical procedure.

      But modern medical science has discovered ways of restoring sexual pleasure to the victims of this primitive and brutal practise:
      Pioneering reconstructive surgery has brought new hope to a small number of the 140 million women worldwide who have suffered the pain and sexual desolation of female genital mutilation. Newly published feedback from hundreds of women who have had the reparative surgery reveals that it worked for most of them, easing pain and improving sexual pleasure.

      "The real news is that it's feasible to give back pleasure, feasible to reconstruct the clitoris, and possible to give women back their lost identities," says Pierre Foldès of the Saint Germain Poissy Hospital in France, who developed the procedure.

      Foldès and his colleagues followed up almost 3000 women – mostly from Mali, Senegal and Ivory Coast – one year after they had undergone the procedure. Because internal clitoral tissue survives the mutilation, the surgeons were able to trim away scar tissue and build a new clitoris that would protrude in the normal way.

      Of the 866 women who responded to the follow-up, 821 reported that their pain had improved or was no worse. Clitoral pleasure had improved or was no worse in 815 of the women. Some 290 women reported a substantial easing of pain, and 430 experienced orgasms – including 129 who had never had them before. _NewScientist

      The surgeries were performed in France, but plans are being made to train surgeons to work in the countries where such anti-sexual brutality is endemic.

      The best solution would be to alter the primitive brutality of the underlying culture itself. But we have learned from multiculturalists in academia, media, and government, that it is wrong to judge primitive cultures, or to consider them inferior in any way.

      And so for now, we are left with a delicate and expensive surgery which only helps a limited number of women, in a limited way.

      Be grateful to the harmonies that you were not born into such a culture.

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      29 May 2012

      Ah Yes. That's It. Yes. oh . . . Oh . . . OH!!!

      Finding the Ways to Female Pleasure

      Different women may travel somewhat different paths to achieving their ultimate sexual pleasure. The path begins with basic health and self esteem, and will be more ore less accessible depending upon the state of receptivity. That will vary by time of the month, basic physical comfort and satiety levels, a sense of physical safety, and more. Receptivity is influenced by degree of physical and emotional attraction, by chemical intoxicants, or by other influences on the brain -- particularly the pre-frontal lobes (judgment and decision-making) and the pleasure centres of the brain.

      But once a couple proceeds past the preliminaries, and are committed to the act, a knowledge of the basic anatomy of erogenous areas can prove immensely facilitating.

      There are a number of erogenous areas which elevate the levels of female sexual excitement when properly stimulated at the right time. Kissing the lips and fondling the breasts stimulates two very powerful erogenous areas, and helps to direct blood flow to the pelvic erogenous areas, pictured below.

      The clitoris is the best known female pelvic erotic trigger, and the easiest to find right away. The "U-spot" around the urethral opening is much less well known, but in certain women it can open the gate to orgasms not accessible otherwise. The same is true for the "G-spot," located along the mid-anterior wall of the vagina, at about the level of the bladder sphincter. The "A-spot" is further back on the anterior vagina, toward the cervix. The cervix itself -- and attached structures -- can also be considered an erogenous area for many women. Stimulation of both the A-spot and the cervix requires deeper penetration as opposed to stimulation of the more superficial erogenous centres.

      The trick to being a great lover of women, is understanding each phase of female sexual attraction and arousal, and stimulating the appropriate erogenous zones of the woman's mind and body for the particular stage of seduction. The approach to pleasing a woman will necessarily be different for each woman. If you have found this not to be the case, than it is likely that you are being deceived by both the women involved and by your own narcissistic nature.

      Once you reach the stage of genital contact and penetration, it is important to visualise what is taking place on the inside, in places where the sun and other sources of illumination are unlikely to shine.

      By studying the anatomy of intercourse, as well as the anatomy of the female erogenous areas, one should be capable of modifying one's approach in response to how the woman is responding to the situation as a whole.

      A woman may achieve intense orgasm by using a vibrator or other sexual utensil. But a vibrator does not satisfy the multiple levels of sexual needs and desires which a woman is likely to have. Of course, neither do most men. But that is a situation which we hope to remedy, at least for the most insightful readers of the Al Fin blogs.


      More reading:

      Clitoris, G spot, U spot, A spot . . .

      Female erogenous zones in general

      Does the female G spot exist for every woman?

      The female is a subtle and highly variable animal. Make broad and blanket assumptions at your own peril.


      27 May 2012

      A Dynamic Sexuality: From Father to Fatherette

      “I remember wearing my mom’s clothes and makeup, very secretly, not telling anybody,” Crecelius said. From a young age, Crecelius identified more with being a female, but hid behind a male persona.

      “When I was 17, I was working my first part-time job at a TV station as a floor cameraman and the person in charge said to me, ‘You know, you walk like a queer.’ And I thought I was hiding who I was, and I wasn’t,” he said.

      About 40 years later, a revelation:
      “I had a kidney stone and we’re in the emergency room,” Crecelius said. “The nurse is reading the ultrasound and says, ‘Huh, this says you’re a female’.”

      It turns out Steve was born intersex, meaning he has both male and female parts. The diagnosis was a shock, but also a relief. _KDVR
      People who have both male and female sexual organs are hermaphrodites. In Steve's case, his male organs dictated his physical appearance, and his socially assigned gender identity. But on the inside, Steve felt more like a female. He juggled those feelings all his life -- getting married, having six children, embarking on a successful photography career, etc. -- until that fateful diagnostic report revealed the biological underpinnings of his mixed sexual identity.

      His wife and children have accepted the changeover to female identity, and he even sleeps in the same bed with his wife -- still soulmates, it seems.

      Sexuality is complex and to a certain degree, plastic. Someday we will be able to change genders as easily as changing hair colours.

      In the meantime, it wouldn't hurt to be a bit more open-minded, both with ourselves and with others. So when your wife of 20 years turns to you and says, "Honey, make me a lesbian!" you will at least count to ten before asking her what's on her mind.


      02 May 2012

      Sex Tourism in the Future: Sex Robots vs Real Sex

      New Zealand's Ian Yeoman and Michelle Mars stirred up a small hornet's nest with their scholarly paper, "Robots, Men, and Sex Tourism," published in Futures. Here is the abstract and highlights:
      In 2050, Amsterdam's red light district will all be about android prostitutes who are clean of sexual transmitted infections (STIs), not smuggled in from Eastern Europe and forced into slavery, the city council will have direct control over android sex workers controlling prices, hours of operations and sexual services. This paper presents a futuristic scenario about sex tourism, discusses the drivers of change and the implications for the future. The paper pushes plausibility to the limit as boundaries of science fiction and fact become blurred in the ever increasing world of technology, consumption and humanity, a paradigm known as liminality.


      ► Having sex with a robot is the future of sex tourism in Amsterdam. ► Why? ► Human trafficking, sexual transmitted diseases, beauty and physical perfection, pleasure for sex toys, emotional connection to robots and the importance of sex in Amsterdam are all driving forces. ► Is the scenario feasible? ► Virtual sex, changing behaviours and what is science fiction and reality is a blurred paradigm of liminality. _Robots Men and Sex Tourism
      Marina Adshade of BigThink riffs off the Futures paper, suggesting that the authors did not think the issue through clearly enough:
      There are three reasons, however, that people travel to buy sex on a foreign market that would no longer apply in futuristic android sex markets.

      The first is that people are ashamed of their behavior and therefore remove themselves from their own community so that they can buy sex in the anonymity of a foreign market.

      If sex with androids is “guilt-free,” as the authors claim, I am not sure why anyone would need to travel to a foreign market to buy it.

      The second is that foreign sex markets provide cheaper services than their home markets in developed economies. This is particularly true in countries in which poverty ensures a perpetual supply of desperate men and women.

      Android sex workers will presumably flow across borders far more easily than human sex workers, implying that the price of their services should be similar worldwide.

      The final reason why people travel for sex is they demand services that domestic sex workers are unwilling to provide at any price level. Sex with children, for example, is difficult to buy in the developed world, as is sex that involves a great deal of violence.

      Whether or not governments in the developed world would permit the development of pre-pubescent androids for the sex market is a topic that I suspect would generate a great deal of debate. If they did, however, the desire to travel specifically for that service would disappear. _BigThink
      Adshade goes on to point out that women are already having sex with electronic devices on a regular basis, without shaking the foundations of society to its core. But she admits that the prostitution and travel sex industries are likely to be adversely affected when realistic sex androids become available on a large, ubiquitous scale. Chris Mims has a short, derivative piece on this topic in Technology Review, which tells one more about the broad level of interest in this topic than anything useful about the future of android sex. If Marina Adshade is correct that the authors of the "Futures" piece were missing the point of android sex, one would be doubly correct by leveling the same criticism at Chris Mims.

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      24 February 2012

      Can a 1,000 Euro Pair of Breast Implants Upset the Balance of Nature in Bagnolo? Bet On It!

      Laura Maggi has been running Le Cafe in Bagnolo, Italy, for eight years. But it wasn't until she invested in breast implants and a more revealing wardrobe, that her business began to truly take off.
      Le Cafe's Laura Maggi courtesy Daily Mail

      After eight years running a bar, Laura Maggi suddenly found men beating a path to her door.

      Not for the quality of her coffee and aperitifs, but because she had started appearing for work in highly revealing outfits.

      Hundreds of male customers flocked there day and night, leaving their cars double parked in the surrounding streets.

      Congestion became such a problem that the lady mayor announced she was considering an emergency bylaw to limit traffic in the area. _DailyMail
      In fact, the Mayor forbid her husband from visiting Le Cafe, and several other wives of the village followed suit. But what are the women actually complaining about?

      For a cost of between 1,000 Euros and 2,500 Euros, any woman can obtain a reasonable approximation of Laura's breasts. Revealing clothing is easily come by. Learning to think of one's self as sexy, and acting the part, may be the most difficult accomplishment for most modern, feminist-indoctrinated women, however. In many ways, large numbers of women may have forgotten how to act like women. If so, that could be an expensive lapse of memory for some, and a huge windfall of profits for Laura Maggi!

      What if other female bar owners in Italy decide to imitate Laura's business plan? What will this do to the already drooping birthrates in Italia? If the men are all at Laura's bar, they can't be home making tomorrow's generation of Italians.

      If Italy's women are to save the country's future, they may have to re-learn some very old lessons about human nature.

      Adapted from an article published on Al Fin Potpourri

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      19 February 2012

      2 + Clips of Hysterical Pregnancy: Don't Let It Happen to You!

      Hysterical pregnancy has much in common with other frequently seen hysterias of everyday life: carbon hysteria, peak oil hysteria, racism-sexism-homophobia-islamophobia hysteria etc. But it cuts close to the heart of what it means to be a productive human being. Here are 2 educationl clips on hysterical pregnancy to give you a better idea of the phenomenon.

      In the above clip -- based upon an actual experience from Al Fin's medical training -- we see the lengths to which a person (usually a woman in the case of hysterical pregnancy) will go in order to receive acceptance and emotional support.

      In the clip below, we happen upon three total strangers engaged in an impromptu and spontaneous dialogue on the subject of how a woman can succeed in Los Angeles. The discovery of the hysterical pregnancy only occurs toward the end of the clip.
      It is important to understand that hysterical pregnancy is a subconscious phenomenon, and should not be confused with "faking it." The woman in the first clip, for example, would have no conscious memory of having blown up the balloon or of placing it in front of her lower abdomen, under her outer clothing.

      Some of the most tragic cases of hysterical pregnancy, in Al Fin's experience, have involved persons who are no longer physiologically able to have children. One case in particular involved a patient who had undergone a sterilisation procedure several years earlier. But even the successful vasectomy was not enough to keep the poor man from suffering a hysterical pregnancy -- for a full 9 months!

      Study the educational tapes above for a thorough understanding of the phenomenon, so that you do not have to suffer this tragedy. Don't let this happen to you.

      More: Strictly for extra credit, here is one additional clip containing two cases of difficult to diagnose hysterical pregnancy. It turns out that both the grown woman and the little girl are both suffering from the malady. Study the tape carefully, and discuss among yourselves the signs in both patients pointing toward this diagnosis.


      15 February 2012

      Sex Robots: Not Just for Japan, They're for Any Shrinking Population

      A world of lonely singles finding comfort in the arms of a robot lover may be closer than expected in human hearts and minds. Only a few people have vowed romantic love for a life-size "RealDoll" sex doll or the virtual schoolgirls of the Japanese dating simulation game "Love Plus," but scientists say that even the simplest toy robots or video games have shown how machines can manipulate human emotions.
      Tomorrow's sex robots or virtual companions still won't inspire most people to abandon their boyfriends and girlfriends — at least not until such artificial beings can look and behave human without creeping anyone out. Instead, many more people may find themselves forming platonic bonds with the next generation of smarter robot toys or virtual assistants in their cars and smartphones.

      "We're not going to wake up someday and say 'It's OK to have a relationship with a robot,'" said Thalia Wheatley, a psychologist at Dartmouth College. "But it's going to organically happen that we grow to depend on these things." _InnovationNews
      And when it happens, expect birthrates to plunge even lower than they already are in Russia, Japan, Eastern Europe and southern Europe.
      Sex robots replacing wives and girlfriends: a new trend is gaining popularity in the United States and other hi-tech countries. Experts believe that in a few decades, romances between robots and humans will be nothing out of the ordinary.
      In Russia, men typically die before the official retirement age of 60. This leaves a large number of aging babushkas with nothing but vodka to warm the long, cold, dark, and lonely nights. Who could blame them for turning to a robotic sex partner -- one that could even speak Russian with a regional dialect?

      How long it takes for a society to accept robotic sex partners has a lot to do with how frustrated and desperate the people are. Somehow, I suspect for many western countries, it will not be long, now.


      02 February 2012

      You Don't Bring Me Flowers, You Don't Sing Me Love Songs

      We all know what happens to couples when the passion goes away. But what happens to societies, countries, and entire civilisations when they lose the will to love and mate? Japan appears to be going through this experience now, and the results are not pretty.
      Norwegian Wood

      A startling number of Japanese youths have turned their backs on sex and relationships, a new survey has found.

      The survey, conducted by the Japan Family Planning Association, found that 36% of males aged 16 to 19 said that they had "no interest" in or even "despised" sex. That's almost a 19% increase since the survey was last conducted in 2008.

      If that's not bad enough, The Wall Street Journal reports that a whopping 59% of female respondents aged 16 to 19 said they were uninterested in or averse to sex, a near 12% increase since 2008.

      The survey paints a bleak picture for Japan's aging population.

      ...CNN spoke to a Midori Saida, a 24-year-old Japanese woman who described "herbivore men" as "flaky and weak."

      "We like manly men," she said. "We are not interested in those boys -- at all."

      ...Another theory that seeks to explain Japan's shrinking population is that Japanese youth spend too much time engaged with technology, living in virtual worlds or settling for virtual girlfriends rather than real ones. _Loss of Passion in Japan

      Japan may lose as much as 1/3 of its population over the next 45 years. This will make it difficult to support Japan's rapidly ageing population of retired persons, and almost impossible for Japan to pay back its huge debts.
      Biologically, it is clear that sexual behaviours are strongly influenced by gene activity. It is not certain that altered gene expression is responsible for any of the loss of interest in sex being shown by Japanese youth, but it is something to consider.

      It will be important to keep an eye on this phenomenon. The future of civilisation may depend on it.

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      24 January 2012

      Amazing Vaginas of the World

      Frisky has a slideshow exhibit on the "Top 10 Amazing Vaginas", in which you can be exposed to "the women with two vaginas", the woman with no vagina, and other assorted wonders.
      Top 10 Amazing Vaginas

      The star of the show is Hazel Jones, one of the women with 2 vaginas. Hazel is an attractive 27 year old blonde who recently was offered $1 million to appear in a porn video.


      Hazel was diagnosed with this condition -- uterus didelphys, with two vaginas and two uteri -- at age 18. She has been able to accept her condition, to the point that she goes with her husband to sex clubs, for recreation. Her willingness to share her condition with the world is a true sign of her personal generosity and openness.

      An earlier story on Al Fin blog considered the situation of a Utah woman with the same condition who happened to become pregnant in both uteri over the same time period. The story was framed in the style of a satire, but links to the true story underlying the satire are included.


      22 January 2012

      The Economic Sense of Having Three Children

      Children aren’t exactly the equivalent of a “buy one, get one free” deal. But, thanks to hand-me-down clothing, cribs, and other kid detritus, the amount needed to raise a second child is much less than the first. And a third kid? That baby’s quite an amazing bargain, by comparison. _Time

      Modern youth and young adults are told by teachers and the skankstream media that the world is overpopulated. You should have at most only one or perhaps two children -- if any -- according to these keepers of the population gates. But more intelligent people understand that in modern societies, the danger is a looming underpopulation, rather than overpopulation. The loss of human capital from the shrinkage of first world populations -- while third world populations grow wildly -- will cause incredible suffering on a global scale, if trends are not changed.

      The trouble in the modern world, is that governments have grown so large and overbearing, that tax burdens on young people wanting to have children can make it economically difficult to have more than one child. Add to that the destructive effects of bloated governments on their economies, and most would-be parents find themselves in a double or triple bind.

      Fortunately, the economics of child raising may allow for discounts when multiple children come along. Which is a good thing for the world which needs more high intelligence, high-achieving children. And it is good for their parents, who may need a helping hand in years to come, as they age. a recent USA Today column discusses, the per-child costs decrease substantially when parents have a second and third child. The column is written by Laura Vanderkam, who is the author of the forthcoming book All the Money in the World: What the Happiest People Know About Getting and Spending and the mother of (you guessed it) three kids.

      ...What happens, according to researchers, is that families with two children spend 25% less per child than those with one kid. Families with three kids, in turn, spend 22% less per child than two-child households. _Time

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