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14 April 2006

Sex Dolls and Robots: Tiger's Future

Lionel Tiger is an anthropologist who has written on the changes that would come in society when sex became divorced from procreation. His popular book, The Decline of Males, has proven to be prescient in that regard. The truth is, in modern developed societies, women are better suited for most types of available emplyment than men.

Back in the days when the man was the breadwinner, men would willingly "marry down"--marry a woman without a job, or with a lower paying job, in order to form a family. The reverse does not often happen. Highly paid women want to marry highly paid men, or go without marriage entirely. Unmarried women are more frequently opting for the "single motherhood" approach to beating the biological clock.

Now that 90% of men suddenly find themselves undesirable, what will they do for sex partners? Technology will generally find a way. If a man can beg, borrow, or steal a few thousand dollars, he can often find what he is looking for.

Here are links to a brief introduction to sex dolls from Salon, and a much longer and more detailed discussion of the topic from Meghan Laslocky. The market is much more developed than I had realised. Sex dolls are poised to grasp an ever larger share of the overall market.

Sex robots are even more advanced, if more expensive. Michael Harriman from Nuremberg has invented female robots who breathe harder during sex, and their hearts beat harder--though their feet are cold--"like a real woman." Harriman's robots go for 4,000 pounds, but would you not pay more for a sex doll that could "wiggle her hips and make other suggestive movements" any time you wanted?



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