Al Fin, You Sexy Thing!

12 April 2006

What of Sex?

Soon, the children of the well-educated, professional classes, will be gestated inside artificial wombs. Many of them, if not most, will have been fertilised in vitro, and probably genetically modified--probably augmented. Paternity and maternity will not be a matter of one sperm, one egg.

Children will be designed, and will develop inside a designed womb. The uterine environment will be accessible to monitoring--both physiologic and genetic--throughout the entire "pregnancy". Genetic tweaking will occur throughout gestation, and probably for some time thereafter, depending upon phenotypal contingencies. Gene expression is an ongoing affair, affected by emotions, diet, activities, pharmaceuticals, sleep cycles, and various things.

For many of those who can afford it, sex and procreation will be completely divorced. Men will bank their sperm, women their eggs--best while they are young. Sexual orientation will be more varied, and less a matter of public debate than at present. Only persons with clearly illegal urges will be deviates, and most deviates will satisfy themselves virtually rather than criminally. Genetic fixes will probably be available for some illegal fixations.

Romantic love, the stuff of novels and daydreams, may exist yet be rare and curious. The neurophysiology of romance will be understood. Unrequited love will be curable. No more young Werthers or Capulet/Montagu tragedies.

Consider the existence of a genuine "orgasmitron," like in that Woody Allen movie, or the movie where Sylvester Stallone did needlepointe. In the world where orgasms are available technologically, on demand, and babies are designed and grown outside the body--how would a person's social life coalesce? What would become of sex?

Just a mental exercise. Such as considering a world where people do not need to sleep. Or visualizing a world where even the dullest person would be ten times the genius of Einstein or Gauss. Basic changes have tremendous repercussions. Learning to anticipate changes and being able to get what you need in the face of change, is the mark of maturity and self-sufficiency. Is that what they are teaching in homes and schools? Probably not.

When the next level runs full speed into this complacent society, feathers will fly.



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