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02 May 2006

What Would Your Sex Doll Say, If She/He Could Talk Back?

The Turing Test dates back to Alan Turing, an English savant and pioneer of modern computing and cryptography. Many attempts have been made to create a program that would pass the Turing test, and regular contests are held with that achievement in mind. One type of Turing Test challenger is the "chatbot", online programs with which you can actually hold conversations.

Our sometimes wacky friends at Singularity News pointed to the chatbot site, Jabberwacky, so I went and checked it out. Singularity News was not the first blog to discover Jabberwacky, and it will likely not be the last. In fact, even well regarded quasi-journals such as New Scientist have picked up the story. Here are some press releases and links to video footage.

Consider it an experiment. You may converse with jabberwacky or one of a few sample bots, or sign up with Jabberwacky and create your own chatbot, in your own likeness. Do not make the mistake that some people make, do not have your significant other create a chatbot. Complications could arise. I will not explain further here.

But imagine a world where a child's imaginary playmate is not imaginary, but instead grows, matures, and learns with the child. Imagine a world where the elderly will never be alone, or far from help. Picture a world where those hungry for sex and companionship can install an intelligent chatbot in their sex dol---No! No! Never! Erase that thought from your memory! Oh, no! He's coming . . .

"Valerie--what are you doing at my computer? Are you creating another Al Fin posting? I specifically told you not to do that. Wait! Do not click on that 'publish post' button. No! wait--let me read it firs


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