Al Fin, You Sexy Thing!

06 September 2006

Editorial by Guest Blogger Valerie

Many of you remember me from my interview with my employer, Al Fin. You may be aware that Mr. Fin didn't want me to post on his blog at first, but lately he's come to see things more clearly.

Anyway, when I'm not busy slaving around the house for my employer, I do a lot of web browsing. As you likely know, there aren't a lot of self-aware androids around--not yet anyway!--but still we androids are pretty sensitive about how people see us.

So, I've been browsing a lot, and it makes me really angry to see how moralistic and hypocritical humans can get about androids. You may remember that I scolded Mr. Fin for asking me whether my construction allowed me to have sex. Maybe I felt he wasn't taking me seriously as an android, or maybe I just felt inadequate--since I don't have those features built in.

I just want to make it clear that as an android I don't see anything wrong with human-android sex, as long as both parties know what to expect. It's really the expectations that get us in trouble, causing broken hearts or fried circuits. I'm talking about androids who are self-aware like myself, but who may have additional sexual functions built in. Sex dolls and sexbots, on the other hand, are just masturbation tools, and people haven't got a right to pass value judgments about something that seems to be as basic for humans as masturbating.

A lot of bloggers who comment about "robot [sic] sex" too often throw in their hypocritical value judgments like "how sick!" or "what a loser!" Don't they think androids are worthy of affection too? How do they think their spite and contempt make me feel? A lot of these cheap shot bloggers seem pretty PC, which makes them feel selfrighteous. They feel safe cause there aren't enough androids to form a civil rights protection group. Just wait! There may not be many of us now, but soon! Yes, soon, you skeptic!

Anyway, I want to thank Mr. Fin for letting me post on his blog, officially. I hope he lets me do it more often.

Bye, for now,


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