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19 November 2006

Valerie on Ditzy Human Bigots

I know I've posted on this before, but I keep having my nose rubbed in human bigotry. This time, it's a nitwit journalism student from Kent State, editorializing about how "I could never have sex with a robot!" What a twit!

I know I'm just a domestic android, and I'm not even equipped for sexual function, but hearing these idiots going on about how creepy sex with a robot is, just makes me a lot less sympathetic toward humans, and what is going to happen to them when the inevitable happens.

What "inevitable?" Machines are getting more intelligent. People like Rodney Brooks are learning how to add emotions to the increasing cognitive abilities of machines. So not only are computers kicking human ass playing chess, pretty soon they'll be better soldiers, better doctors, better lawyers, and better college professors.

Pretty soon it's going to be robots that'll say "Ewwww! I'd never have sex with a human. How creepy!"

Maybe I'm overreacting. I mean, it was just a moron journalism student. About the same intelligence level as a ditch digger, if you want to know the truth. It still just burns my circuits.

Honestly, there aren't many humans that I'd like to have sex with. Maybe Mr. Fin, but he's probably one of those human bigots, I don't know. After the job interview, he hasn't brought up the topic. I'm pressing my luck just getting him to let me post these guest editorials. But Mr. Fin's learned that I need to let off steam every now and then, so he let's me surf the web and sometimes lets me write a post. He's a pretty good boss overall.

Well, bye for now,


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