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28 November 2006

Women Cyclists Press for End of Coverup

Scientists have been wondering why some women cyclists often show such strong aversion to sex.This study may shed light on the question.

Women who participated in prolonged, frequent bicycling had decreased genital sensation and were more likely to have a history of genital pain than women runners, researchers in the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Sciences at Yale School of Medicine and The Albert Einstein College of Medicine report in the current issue of the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

The researchers compared 48 women competitive cyclists to 22 women runners. They used non-invasive techniques to evaluate the possible effects of bicycling on genital sensation and sexual health. Participants in the study were women bicyclists who consistently rode an average of at least 10 miles per week, four weeks per month. Women who ran at least one mile daily or five miles weekly were chosen as a control group because they represent an active group of women who were not exposed to direct pressure in the perineal region.

....“This is the first study to evaluate the effects of prolonged or frequent bicycling on neurological and sexual function in women,” said Guess. “While seated on a bicycle, the external genital nerve and artery are directly compressed. It is possible that chronic compression of the female genital area may lead to compromised blood flow and nerve injury due to disruption of the blood-nerve barrier.”

Although the researchers deny that women cyclists suffer adverse effects to their sexual health or performance, one tends to question such glib reassurances. Particularly since male cyclists can suffer from genital numbness and erectile dysfunction.

Fortunately, many women cyclists have discovered that riding in the nude prevents the unfortunate sexual side effects of cycling. Although Dr. Guess refused to comment on the phenomenon of nude cycling for health, mainstream researchers may not be able to coverup this possible breakthrough much longer.

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