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15 January 2007

Adult Entertainment Expo--Wired News Reports

Regina Lynn went to the adult entertainment expo so you wouldn't have to. Regina looks for the story behind the story. Who develops the new high tech sex devices, and what is their day job? and so on.
I'm here to find the electrical engineers, the medical device designers, the artists, the couples who actually managed to turn their ideas into products. I like learning which developer also designs children's toys and which sex toy CEO worked at Apple and which erotica publisher has a law degree.

I want to meet the innovators in their first trade show booths, tucked away in obscure corners, trembling with excitement and nerves and unsure about what they should and shouldn't tell the press. And then to see them again next year when they have more confidence, even cooler products and the epiphany that it's just about time to quit their day jobs.

....It's encouraging to see how much sex-tech made it to the show this year. For the first time, NSFW brought several of its appliances to a big booth and gave demos throughout the day. The website has been around for years, in that grey area of "indie internet kink" the Industry doesn't quite understand. Yet this year it is smack dab in the middle of the mainstream porn.

Also on the main floor was Segment, Inc. NSFW, the Japanese company producing the next wave of internet-enabled sex toys. Definitely one of this year's geek highlights, this product reassures me that people are continuing to push for convergence of communications and pleasure technologies.

In the fan-free business-to-business area, I watched the future take shape as the married couple that invented the OhMiBod NSFW audio-driven vibrator talked to the married couple that owns Sounds Publishing, which produces erotic audio.

....Compared with other content-based businesses, adult does a pretty good job of welcoming the internet platform. Everyone here at AEE has an online presence of some kind, and some are quite spectacular.

But there are thousands of women making a living working from home, internet-famous even though they've never graced a box cover. Do online fans not feel the desire to meet the performers in person? Does chatting with a woman while she does a live webcam show fulfill that need to connect with her as a person? This is a question I need to explore further before I can attempt an answer.

Ultimately, I'm happy to see sex and tech continuing to evolve together in ways that increase our potential for pleasure and intimacy.

Go to the original story at Wired for links to products.

I've been too busy recently to make the show, but who knows? Maybe next year.


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