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17 January 2007

Alt Sex Fetish Robot Video--For Over-Eighteen Only

By clicking on the video above, you certify that you are above the age of eighteen years old. Included in the first section of the video is a mini-tour of the RealDoll production facility.

Humans have longed for the perfect sexual partner for many ages. One approach that people sometimes consider, is actually creating a perfect partner. A paper that describes the future of this approach is Sexbots.pdf.

This alt sex fetish robot tendency is sometimes referred to as robot fetishism. One company that profits from this fetish is Abyss Creations, makers of the RealDoll. Real Dolls are silicone squeezable lifesize dolls, in male and female models.

Other contenders previously described on this blog include the sex doll "Leeloo" and the sex robot "Andy".

The technology for creating realistic skin, realistic movements--even the ability to hold limited conversations--will only get better with time. There is already a sex doll bordello in Tokyo that rents the dolls by the hour.

How long before high school sex ed teachers utilise sex robots in their classes? As long as they are kept clean, the chances for STD's are minimal. Pregnancy is extremely unlikely. There are many possibilities that come to mind, although I choose to limit what I will put on record, naturally. Anything else would be to presume upon your imagination.

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