Al Fin, You Sexy Thing!

26 January 2007

Bring Me a Sheep to Keep Me Warm, Through the Night

Sheep have traditionally served as an alt sex fetish in various parts of the world, except in Northern Africa and Arabia where goats and camels are preferred. How fortunate that we have a website that specializes in the provision of life-sized sheep dolls.
Realistic, life-size and beautiful. Elastic flesh, lice-infested hair, an articulated skeleton and sexy features like no other love mutton in the world. If you've dreamed of love mutton like this, you know exactly what we're talking about. Most love sheep are made of cheap, inflatable vinyl. They look pathetic and laughable -- not loveable. Don't expect to see those goofy beach toys on this site. RealSheep is the REAL DEAL.

If you hired a special effects artist to craft a custom love lamb for you, with all the features and qualities of RealSheep, you would expect to pay $20,000 or more. So, how do we do it? In a word: VOLUME.

You've all heard the song, Scotland The Brave. But have you heard the song behind the song, Scotland Depraved? It goes to the same tune, sung loud and boisterous, mates!

You all know the difference between a Scottish sheepherder and the Rolling Stones rock band? The Rolling Stones say "Hey! You! Get offa my cloud!" And the Scot sheepherder says "Hey! McCleod! Get offa my ewe!" Perhaps a mere technicality, but certainly the sheep know the difference!

So if you love nature, leave the real sheep alone, my friends, and get a RealSheep! You'll be proud you did nature a good turn.

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