Al Fin, You Sexy Thing!

21 January 2007

Erotic Trance Induction--Sexing Up Your Love Life

If a woman takes the time to learn erotic trance induction, she can wrap her man around her little finger. If you have always wanted to exercise a bit of mastery of your own in an intimate setting, learn to send your significant other into an erotic wonderland where you hold the keys to the door.

This induction is an example of erotic trance induction. You can get a lot of ideas by simply watching and imitating. But be sure you feel comfortable in the role. A trance induction won't work unless the inductee feels he can trust his mistress.

Induction can be difficult with relative strangers. With intimates it is really quite easy, once you develop some confidence and spontaneity. Your lover will thank you for it.


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