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22 January 2007

Teledildonics Update

This really is a fascinating concept--using data-linked artificial sex organs, a man and a woman can pleasure each other over great distances. They can even record a "pleasure session" using the artificial sex organ interface and a data storage device, then transfer the "pleasure file" to their partner, who then replays the session using his or her own artificial sex organ as the interface.

...the Segment system combines video and tactile input into a single file that your fans -- or your lovers -- can play back at their leisure.

The input device, called Run, is an onyx shaft with a bulb on one end and sensors spaced along its surface. You use it in tandem with a webcam or camcorder and the Segment software. When you stroke the device with your hands, or lips, or whatever, the software captures the placement and pressure of each touch and embeds the signals into the video.

During playback, those signals are translated and sent to another USB device, Segment's Takumi toy. The Takumi is a soft sheath surrounded by nine motors and encased in a plastic shell that looks like a chrome bowling pin. ("So it is more discreet sitting there on your desk," Emi explains.)

The sensors on the Run correspond to the motors in the Takumi. Touching one end of the input device activates the motor near the opening of the sheath. Touching the other end of the stick activates motors deeper inside the sheath.

....I like the opportunity to share sexual experience asynchronously, too. I can see myself creating a video in which I act out an erotic story that I've written. A lover could read the story or watch the video; either way, he has the actions right there in his lap.

I can imagine a virtual Run in the hands of a sexy avatar in an erotic world, the Takumi enabling you to feel the avatar's "hands" on your flesh as you interact.
Read more of the original article at Wired News.

These interfaced devices certainly suggest some possibilities for the imaginative, but separated, love pair. If your partner produced a particularly enjoyable surrogate session, it could be stored and replayed whenever you had to be apart.

A full body sensor suit with haptics would be nice. But until such a thing becomes affordable for the rest of us, this type of teledildonic "sex at a distance" may provide some fun diversion.



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