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26 February 2007

Flibanserin--US Clinical Trials Ongoing--And More!

Flibanserin trials are currently enrolling women between the ages of 18 and 45. This link gives a telephone number for any women who are interested in learning more about enrolling.

Bremelanotide is also proceeding through the US clinical trials process.
Two experimental drugs that could boost sexual desire and arousal in women are at the center of research in Seattle and elsewhere.

"I think it's an important problem. We have baby boomers who are not willing to throw in the towel whether it is long-distance running or an active sex life," said Researcher Dr. Robin Kroll.

A woman's reduced libido is an important problem, but also an intensely personal one.

"I love my husband. He is more laid back than me. We get along great," one 36-year-old woman talking on the condition of anonymity said.

For the woman, who was trying one of the drugs through a clinical trial, she wrote ABC in a letter "about seven years ago, I noticed that my interest in sex seemed to fade, and it has more or less gone away. Our intimate encounters are about once a month now, and it used to be more than once a week! I hope I can fix it."

"Yes, relationships do break up over this. Families do break up," said Dr. Arif Kahn, of Northwest Clinical Research Center.

Researchers hope that flibanserin can be approved for female sexual dysfunction by the year 2009. Bremelanotide, or PT-141, may take a bit longer.

If you read some of the news stories about flibanserin and bremelanotide, you may notice writers continuing to talk about "viagra for women." This misconception about what Viagra does for men and what the potential aphrodisiacs can do for women, points to a significant deficit in biomedical knowledge among journalists and science writers.

Hopefully they will be able to benefit from at least one of the new drugs soon, in spite of their lack of understanding of how they work.



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