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03 February 2007

Sex In The Arab World: This House Is Now Clean!

View this video and try to determine just what the hell is going on here. This Sheikh appears entirely too self-satisfied to be the good guy here. Unless the young girl is a very troubled person, her parents or someone else in the family has some perverse ideas of how to raise a young girl.

The Arab world has a very strange approach to sex, when seen from a western perspective. Pubescent girls are hidden behind total body veils, and not allowed to socialize with boys outside the family. Adolescent boys are cut off from heterosexual release, and often find release in the company of other boys. Fathers are expected to safeguard the sexuality of their daughters, however they see fit. Too frequently, arab and muslim families will murder a daughter who is suspected of dishonouring the family via their sexuality.

When arabs immigrate to more liberal western countries, the adolescent boy children of immigrants often form gangs to locate girls who are "uncovered", and rape them as a group. Sometimes these girl rape victims are natives of the western countries, and thus not muslims, and sometimes the girls are muslims who may be trying to assimilate with western ways.

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