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31 March 2007

A Heart's Last Tracing

Time compression near the end of life. There may not be time for your entire life to pass in front of you, but selectively edited portions may ease the passing.


18 March 2007

Arab Porn Video--From the Marketplace to You

This hand shadow porn is a clever arab invention from the ancient times. From marketplace to marketplace, the secret method of projecting shadow porn spread throughout the dry desert regions--where entertainment was scarce and too often under the watchful eyes of the mullah and his thick wooden staff.

As the centuries passed, Islam went through periods of relaxation and reactionary rebound, but one thing remained constant and reliable. One back corner of the marketplace was always reserved for the hand shadow porn master. Even in the strictest times of religious orthodoxy, the porn master would always find a way to provide this important form of escape for the frustrated young men of the village.

Now, in large cities, the people have forgotten the ancient porn masters, and how they kept young arab men sane over time. They have their satellite TV, their internet, their cell phone.

But in the villages, the marketplace remains the center of activity. In the isolated desert villages of arab lands, there is no internet, no television, no VCR or DVD players. When the young men are not memorising the Qu'ran, learning how to make IEDs and fire RPGs, or being fitted for suicide vests, they make time to go to market. They quickly run to the back corner of the market, for relief from the frustrations of village life.

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12 March 2007

Dating Robots: A Cautionary Tale

Futurama - Don't date robots from John Pope on Vimeo.

Dear Al Fin,

I hate you for this!!!



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05 March 2007

Roll Your Own

The people at this website have decided that there's no need to fork out US $6500 for a RealDoll. Instead, they use their imagination to come up with some very interesting sexternatives. The image above comes from this sex-hack. There are many more, for women as well as for men.

While many women swear by their je joue, others may want to try something less electronic. Then again, she may already have what she needs, in her purse.

Where there's a will, there's a way. There have never been so many unmarried people living alone, without a sex partner. Online dating services are ramping up advertising, as profits rise. Dating co-workers is frowned upon by our feminist overlords, and fewer people use churches for socializing. While they wait for teledildonics, haptic interfaces, neurofeedback-driven sex robots, and genuine aphrodisiacs, they may as well take advantage of what we already have in the cabinet, or the refrigerator, or the furniture, . . .

04 March 2007

Sex and the Matrix--Double Spoof

SEX AND THE CITY-THE MATRIX PARODY - The funniest videos clips are here

Sometimes our lives don't seem real unless they are recreating something we have seen on television or cinema. That is because the Matrix has you. Just follow the white rabbit.


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