Al Fin, You Sexy Thing!

10 May 2007

Hands-On Theme Park Dedicated to Sex!

The Amora Academy of Sex and Relationships is located in London--not Paris. It is a theme park dedicated to sex and the relationships that are built upon sex. It is an explicit park, with a "hands-on" policy.
The theme park boasts countless video clips of educational sex videos with people doing the deed voluntarily for the sake of science. Life-sized dolls which teach couples about erogenous spots and the fabled G-spot are available. Vibrators, dildos and sex dolls are also on display. The highlight of the show, however, is the Orgasm Tunnel which you can enter and as you go deeper, sensors play heartbeats getting louder.

By the time you reach the climax zone, a scream resonates and videos displaying facial expressions of people who just hit seventh heaven are played. Statistics regarding faking orgasms are also flashed, along with other useful info. Cutting the ribbon will be celebrated porn star Jenna Jameson, while Ron Jeremy will give the keynote speech.

And consider: if humans are survived by machine intelligences here on Earth, these machine beings will need a place to go to try to understand how their creators lived, loved, and reproduced.



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