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28 January 2007

My Dear Sleepy Headed Wife

This is a photograph of my wife, Jewel Rosa. I arrived home from work one day to find her in this position, by the window. When I asked her what she was doing, she chose to remain silent and unmoving.

Naturally, I assumed that I had done something to offend her. I spent several minutes wracking my brain for the possible faux pas I may have committed. I searched the townhouse for a letter or note--anything that might tell me what I had done. There were no messages from my wife on my phone or email--nothing! Finally by observing Jewel Rosa closely, I determined that she was not breathing. Shining my pocket flashlight into her eyes revealed a lack of pupillary reflex. I became concerned.

Placing my finger against her neck, I felt in vain for a carotid pulse. Knowing from experience that a person with very low blood pressure may have only a faint pulse, I persisted in my palpations. Then I realized with a sinking feeling, that Jewel Rosa's skin was somewhat close to room temperature. I clung for reassurance to the slight warmth that I detected, until I realized that the sun shining through the window was warming my wife's body.

I looked more closely for signs of capillary refill. There was none. But there was no sign of livor mortis. Her joints could be moved, passively, so there was no rigor mortis. There were certainly no signs of decomposition. I was confused by conflicting thoughts and emotions.

So I decided to observe Jewel Rosa for a longer period of time. For several weeks, I would watch her by the window, mornings and evenings. I had to travel out of town a few times, for a few days at a time--on business. Each time I returned, Jewel Rosa was in the same position, with no change in her physical signs.

Eventually I realized that my wife was obviously in some type of hibernation--suspended animation. I searched the townhouse again for an indication of my wife's pre-hibernation intentions. Still nothing. I had to leave town for two weeks on business.

When I got back, after determining that Jewel Rosa's stasis was unchanged, I made the decision to publish a paper describing a new form of human hibernation. For several months, my wife had remained by the window in one position, with no sign of physical deterioration. Although I had tried many times to feed her and give her fluids to drink, she refused each attempt. In spite of that, she appeared not to have suffered adverse effects from the lack of nourishment.

Finally, after a year had passed, I had compiled my data, and performed my statistical analysis. There was no doubt in my mind that I would receive a Nobel Prize in Medicine for this discovery, even though I had not yet discovered how to revive my dear sleepy wife from her suspension of activity.

Before mailing my manuscript to the editor of the New England Journal, I decided to clean up some of the accumulating garbage around the place. Several "past due" notices caught my eye. I always pay my bills. What could these bills be about? I began with the one with the most recent postmark. Horrors! A bill for US $5,575 plus late fees amounting to almost $5,000 more! From a company called Orient Doll!.

I proceeded to look at the past-due notices in reverse chronological order. As the language in the notices grew less threatening, I felt my nerves calming. Eventually, now almost my normal resilient self, I read a polite request for the return of a demo doll, referred to as "Jewel Rosa Robotic Prototype #6." "What does this mean?", I thought.

Later, after dinner, I tore myself away from my nightly observations of my wife, and went to bed. I had to leave early in the morning to get to my flight on time. Strange dreams filled my sleeping mind. Dreams of a visit to a robot factory, where all the robots were naked women. Dreams of being chased by hundreds of naked robo-girls, running for my life. Dreams of being late for an article deadline. Something about robo sex dolls. Something, something . . . I woke, my mind cloudy and confused.

I had time only to shower, shave, and drink a cup of coffee. Sparing a moment for one fast glimpse of my dear sleepy-headed wife by the window, I dashed for the door.


26 January 2007

Bring Me a Sheep to Keep Me Warm, Through the Night

Sheep have traditionally served as an alt sex fetish in various parts of the world, except in Northern Africa and Arabia where goats and camels are preferred. How fortunate that we have a website that specializes in the provision of life-sized sheep dolls.
Realistic, life-size and beautiful. Elastic flesh, lice-infested hair, an articulated skeleton and sexy features like no other love mutton in the world. If you've dreamed of love mutton like this, you know exactly what we're talking about. Most love sheep are made of cheap, inflatable vinyl. They look pathetic and laughable -- not loveable. Don't expect to see those goofy beach toys on this site. RealSheep is the REAL DEAL.

If you hired a special effects artist to craft a custom love lamb for you, with all the features and qualities of RealSheep, you would expect to pay $20,000 or more. So, how do we do it? In a word: VOLUME.

You've all heard the song, Scotland The Brave. But have you heard the song behind the song, Scotland Depraved? It goes to the same tune, sung loud and boisterous, mates!

You all know the difference between a Scottish sheepherder and the Rolling Stones rock band? The Rolling Stones say "Hey! You! Get offa my cloud!" And the Scot sheepherder says "Hey! McCleod! Get offa my ewe!" Perhaps a mere technicality, but certainly the sheep know the difference!

So if you love nature, leave the real sheep alone, my friends, and get a RealSheep! You'll be proud you did nature a good turn.

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24 January 2007

Sex Robots From Indiana University--Coming Soon?

Although he seems reticent to discuss some of the more exotic implications of his research, Indiana University Professor Karl MacDorman is bringing a more Asian approach to humanoid robots to the US. After spending five years researching the Japanese approach to lifelike robots, MacDorman is prepared to make IU the Mecca of humanoid robotics in North America.

The team is now so advanced in the skill of developing humanistic androids that a nearly exact double of a person can be created. It was Ishiguro who was robotically cloned.

"Some say it's narcissistic," MacDorman said. "I think they're wrong. If you look at the great artists, all of them have a self portrait."

....MacDorman said the replication of a celebrity is a possibility, but he sees serious legal complications accompanying such an undertaking, not to mention challenges presented by cultural differences.

"Japan actually has a very extensive sex-doll industry," he said. "And sometimes the public does get confused with our androids and their purpose."

While Japan has embraced the sexuality of humanoid dolls and robots without embarrassment, the US is much more prudish about that type of alternative sexuality. Still, if it can be done it will be done.

Which brings up the idea of a robot president. Eventually, humanoid robots will appear identical to humans--even be able to walk, talk, and interact in ways indistinguishable from a human. When robots are able to possess the intelligence of a normal human--hold press conferences, give stump speeches etc.--it will be very tempting for powerful interests from all major parties to create a robot just for the purpose of being president. Some have even suggested that Al Gore is an early prototype of such a robot, gone tragically awry.

And who hasn't wanted to be able to clone himself so as to be able to be two or more places at one time? With a robot clone, you can do exactly that. MacDorman's research seems to suggest that such things will be possible, eventually.

Have you received two or more invitations for speaking engagements on the same night, in different cities? No problem. You can do both. Have you been dreading going on that book-signing tour? Send your robot instead. Do you have multiple families living in different parts of the country who don't know about the others? There's no need for awkward confrontations. Your clones can keep the other beds warm until you get a chance to be there yourself.

MacDorman, although quite coy, is a worldly fellow, and surely understands where his research is leading. The rest of us should stay tuned for further developments.

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22 January 2007

Teledildonics Update

This really is a fascinating concept--using data-linked artificial sex organs, a man and a woman can pleasure each other over great distances. They can even record a "pleasure session" using the artificial sex organ interface and a data storage device, then transfer the "pleasure file" to their partner, who then replays the session using his or her own artificial sex organ as the interface.

...the Segment system combines video and tactile input into a single file that your fans -- or your lovers -- can play back at their leisure.

The input device, called Run, is an onyx shaft with a bulb on one end and sensors spaced along its surface. You use it in tandem with a webcam or camcorder and the Segment software. When you stroke the device with your hands, or lips, or whatever, the software captures the placement and pressure of each touch and embeds the signals into the video.

During playback, those signals are translated and sent to another USB device, Segment's Takumi toy. The Takumi is a soft sheath surrounded by nine motors and encased in a plastic shell that looks like a chrome bowling pin. ("So it is more discreet sitting there on your desk," Emi explains.)

The sensors on the Run correspond to the motors in the Takumi. Touching one end of the input device activates the motor near the opening of the sheath. Touching the other end of the stick activates motors deeper inside the sheath.

....I like the opportunity to share sexual experience asynchronously, too. I can see myself creating a video in which I act out an erotic story that I've written. A lover could read the story or watch the video; either way, he has the actions right there in his lap.

I can imagine a virtual Run in the hands of a sexy avatar in an erotic world, the Takumi enabling you to feel the avatar's "hands" on your flesh as you interact.
Read more of the original article at Wired News.

These interfaced devices certainly suggest some possibilities for the imaginative, but separated, love pair. If your partner produced a particularly enjoyable surrogate session, it could be stored and replayed whenever you had to be apart.

A full body sensor suit with haptics would be nice. But until such a thing becomes affordable for the rest of us, this type of teledildonic "sex at a distance" may provide some fun diversion.


Informed Sexual Consent: It's the Right Thing to Do

Keep your lawyer handy--You never know when they might be needed.

21 January 2007

Erotic Trance Induction--Sexing Up Your Love Life

If a woman takes the time to learn erotic trance induction, she can wrap her man around her little finger. If you have always wanted to exercise a bit of mastery of your own in an intimate setting, learn to send your significant other into an erotic wonderland where you hold the keys to the door.

This induction is an example of erotic trance induction. You can get a lot of ideas by simply watching and imitating. But be sure you feel comfortable in the role. A trance induction won't work unless the inductee feels he can trust his mistress.

Induction can be difficult with relative strangers. With intimates it is really quite easy, once you develop some confidence and spontaneity. Your lover will thank you for it.

17 January 2007

Alt Sex Fetish Robot Video--For Over-Eighteen Only

By clicking on the video above, you certify that you are above the age of eighteen years old. Included in the first section of the video is a mini-tour of the RealDoll production facility.

Humans have longed for the perfect sexual partner for many ages. One approach that people sometimes consider, is actually creating a perfect partner. A paper that describes the future of this approach is Sexbots.pdf.

This alt sex fetish robot tendency is sometimes referred to as robot fetishism. One company that profits from this fetish is Abyss Creations, makers of the RealDoll. Real Dolls are silicone squeezable lifesize dolls, in male and female models.

Other contenders previously described on this blog include the sex doll "Leeloo" and the sex robot "Andy".

The technology for creating realistic skin, realistic movements--even the ability to hold limited conversations--will only get better with time. There is already a sex doll bordello in Tokyo that rents the dolls by the hour.

How long before high school sex ed teachers utilise sex robots in their classes? As long as they are kept clean, the chances for STD's are minimal. Pregnancy is extremely unlikely. There are many possibilities that come to mind, although I choose to limit what I will put on record, naturally. Anything else would be to presume upon your imagination.

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15 January 2007

Adult Entertainment Expo--Wired News Reports

Regina Lynn went to the adult entertainment expo so you wouldn't have to. Regina looks for the story behind the story. Who develops the new high tech sex devices, and what is their day job? and so on.
I'm here to find the electrical engineers, the medical device designers, the artists, the couples who actually managed to turn their ideas into products. I like learning which developer also designs children's toys and which sex toy CEO worked at Apple and which erotica publisher has a law degree.

I want to meet the innovators in their first trade show booths, tucked away in obscure corners, trembling with excitement and nerves and unsure about what they should and shouldn't tell the press. And then to see them again next year when they have more confidence, even cooler products and the epiphany that it's just about time to quit their day jobs.

....It's encouraging to see how much sex-tech made it to the show this year. For the first time, NSFW brought several of its appliances to a big booth and gave demos throughout the day. The website has been around for years, in that grey area of "indie internet kink" the Industry doesn't quite understand. Yet this year it is smack dab in the middle of the mainstream porn.

Also on the main floor was Segment, Inc. NSFW, the Japanese company producing the next wave of internet-enabled sex toys. Definitely one of this year's geek highlights, this product reassures me that people are continuing to push for convergence of communications and pleasure technologies.

In the fan-free business-to-business area, I watched the future take shape as the married couple that invented the OhMiBod NSFW audio-driven vibrator talked to the married couple that owns Sounds Publishing, which produces erotic audio.

....Compared with other content-based businesses, adult does a pretty good job of welcoming the internet platform. Everyone here at AEE has an online presence of some kind, and some are quite spectacular.

But there are thousands of women making a living working from home, internet-famous even though they've never graced a box cover. Do online fans not feel the desire to meet the performers in person? Does chatting with a woman while she does a live webcam show fulfill that need to connect with her as a person? This is a question I need to explore further before I can attempt an answer.

Ultimately, I'm happy to see sex and tech continuing to evolve together in ways that increase our potential for pleasure and intimacy.

Go to the original story at Wired for links to products.

I've been too busy recently to make the show, but who knows? Maybe next year.

11 January 2007

Sex Toys Video by Joy Davidson PhD

This 36 minute video was created by a licensed sex therapist, Joy Davidson. Joy shows an assortment of toys, and discusses their use. The first 6 minutes is introductory, so you can safely fast forward to minute 6.

Strictly educational, since Dr. Joy keeps all of her clothes on throughout the entire video. Some of these toys may have been used at Abu Ghraib or Guantanamo, so if your conscience won't let you view such possible horror, we will all understand.

If you wanted a different kind of video, perhaps you should have gone to PornoTube or one of its competitors.

09 January 2007

Hypnosis and Sex--Suggestible Pleasures

This is a fascinating video on the power of hypnotic suggestion. It really is true that sex is over 90% in the brain. My Japanese is probably not much better than yours,but that won't stop you from understanding much of what is going on in this most unusual video. The doughnut orgasm may be the most difficult to explain.

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06 January 2007

Top Internet Sex Searches, Porn Video Sharing Websites, etc.

Besides allowing the human race to continue, generation after generation, sex drives much of human commercial activity. Prostitution is the world's oldest profession. The VCR and video rental/sales industries rode the back of sex to prosperity. Internet commerce owes most of its early start to the online sex market. And you didn't really expect the online video sharing craze to exclude porn, did you?

From, here is a page dealing with porn video sharing websites on the net. Pornotube started as a porn-copy of YouTube. But now Pornotube has its own knock-offs. More must be on the way.

A great deal of internet search traffic deals with sexual topics. Here is a giant list of links to the top 17,000 sex search results. You'll get an idea of what the rest of the world finds interesting about sex.

Every generation seems to believe that it invented sex, but sex has evolved over billions of years. There is much about the history of sex that interested humans could learn. No, you haven't tried all the different ways of having sex, no matter what you think.


03 January 2007

What is Your Kisspeptin Level? A New Aphrodisiac?

Kisspeptin is the neuropeptide encoded by the KiSS-1 gene. Kisspeptin is implicated in the onset of human puberty, and seems to act to control reproductive behaviour in some rodents.

A hormone implicated in the onset of human puberty also appears to control reproductive activity in seasonally breeding rodents, report Indiana University Bloomington and University of California at Berkeley scientists in the March 2007 issue of Endocrinology. The paper is now accessible online via the journal's rapid electronic publication service.

...."What is really striking is the disappearance of kisspeptin in animals experiencing winter-like days, yet the ability to respond to kisspeptin when we provide it," said Timothy Greives, lead author of the study. "These data show that the disappearance of kisspeptin in the brain is likely critical in turning off reproduction during winter."

Recent research by scientists in the U.K. and France have shown human kisspeptin triggers the release of gonadotropin-releasing hormone and luteinizing hormone, both of which are important to puberty and other sex-related functions.

"Studies in humans have shown that individuals with deficits in the receptor for kisspeptin have severe reproductive impairments," Demas said.

You might suspect that kisspeptin analogs might be rich targets for drug development for treatments of sexual dysfunction--aphrodisiacs. If you are a drug developer, you will probably be very hush-hush about what you are looking into. But if you are an investor in pharma stocks, you may want to look for companies that seem to be getting involved in lifestyle drug research. Once the major diseases are under control, people will want to be slimmer, more energetic, and sexier.


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