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29 May 2007

Male Semen: The Most Potent Antidepressant for Women Yet Discovered

This is a discovery that was just waiting to be made. Certainly it fits with my experience. Being someone with the utmost compassion for women, I have always done my utmost to make them happy.

Study author Gordon G. Gallup, Ph.D., a psychologist at the State University of New York in Albany, also found that women who routinely had intercourse without condoms became increasingly depressed as more time elapsed since their last sexual encounter. There was no such correlation for women whose partners regularly used condoms.

Gallup's survey of 293 college women also found that those who did not use condoms were most likely to initiate sex and to seek out new partners as soon as a relationship ended. "These women are more vulnerable to the rebound effect, which suggests that there is a chemical dependency," says Gallup.

Semen contains hormones including testosterone, estrogen, prolactin, luteinizing hormone and prostaglandins, and some of these are absorbed through the walls of the vagina and are known to elevate mood.

You must know that this is only the beginning. Combined with the knowledge that contraceptive pills reduce libido in both women and their partners, it is beginning to look as if the most popular birth control methods are not only protecting from pregnancy, but also protecting from other things considered very desirable.

This is a topic worth following more closely. My compassion demands it.

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12 May 2007

90% of Women Prefer a Bigger Penis

Yes, of course, we know that. Sigmund Freud told us that long ago--but they can't have one, because they're girls!!! That's why they call it penis envy. So if women cannot have what they want--a bigger penis--naturally they want their men to have one to place at their disposal.

Fortunately for those men who are less endowed than 90% of women might wish, there is a solution--the Extensys4000.
Our product has helped thousands of men all over the world. While our device is completely safe and does not require a prescription, we recommend that you consult your doctor before using our device.
There are no reported side effects other than mild discomfort wearing the device, referred to as "growth pain". This is a natural occurrence since the penis is being elongated.
In case some stimulation occurs, a safety mechanism automatically expands the grip as to remain comfortable....

You will see Extensys4000™ affect your penis in four key areas:
1. Your penis will become longer.
2. Your erections will be harder and last longer.
3. Your sex drive and desire will likely increase.
4. You will experience more intense orgasms. Ejaculation will take longer and the volume of your semen will increase.

.....Use it every night just before going to bed. You will see changes in your penis length within the first month. By the third month, the difference will be significant (approximately 1cm by the end of month 3).
Extensys website

As an added advantage, since the Extensys4000 was designed by an orthodontist, there is no incompatibility between this device and dental retainers and braces. The device is sold for a low price of US $200, and is available in most countries other than muslim countries--where the Extensys4000 is prohibited by religious authorities.

If you are a woman who prefers a bigger penis--on yourself--the team of orthodontists at Extensys is developing a version of their device which will fit on the female clitoris, for gradual extension and stretching.

Hat tip Medgadget

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10 May 2007

Hands-On Theme Park Dedicated to Sex!

The Amora Academy of Sex and Relationships is located in London--not Paris. It is a theme park dedicated to sex and the relationships that are built upon sex. It is an explicit park, with a "hands-on" policy.
The theme park boasts countless video clips of educational sex videos with people doing the deed voluntarily for the sake of science. Life-sized dolls which teach couples about erogenous spots and the fabled G-spot are available. Vibrators, dildos and sex dolls are also on display. The highlight of the show, however, is the Orgasm Tunnel which you can enter and as you go deeper, sensors play heartbeats getting louder.

By the time you reach the climax zone, a scream resonates and videos displaying facial expressions of people who just hit seventh heaven are played. Statistics regarding faking orgasms are also flashed, along with other useful info. Cutting the ribbon will be celebrated porn star Jenna Jameson, while Ron Jeremy will give the keynote speech.

And consider: if humans are survived by machine intelligences here on Earth, these machine beings will need a place to go to try to understand how their creators lived, loved, and reproduced.


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