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07 April 2008

Sex Dolls: How Many Does One Man Need

Japanese engineer Tabo owns almost one hundred sex dolls. He claims that they do not argue with him, do not talk about him behind his back, and hardly ever cheat on him at all.

Some men own sex doll collections as a hobby--entirely Platonic, some say. Others admit to occasionally undressing the dolls for reasons other than fashion and display, but maintain that it is the collector's joy that motivates them the most.

As the technology of android robots improves, and as hobbyists such as Zoltan begin to provide their feminine robots with a higher level of intelligence, men such as Tabo may have more difficulty assuring the faithfulness and good behaviour of their companions.

There is good reason to wonder whether most prostitutes will be able to ply their trade for a better salary than a good waitress or receptionist will command. Politicians such as Elliot Spitzer may be able to satisfy their secret hobbies in a manner less damaging to their public careers.

The problem of overpopulation in the third world might be slowed a bit by airdropping cadres of fem-bots into remote bush villages. Making the bots solar powered might assure a longer lifespan in remote lands.

Most sociologists appear to be ignoring the coming tsunami-like impact that human like sex androids will have on human sex and reproduction. But then, most sociologists are tenured monkey-minds who never actually have to demonstrate competence in the real world, so I suppose it is alright.

Tabo will have a difficult time affording and satisfying a hundred human level AI-equipped fem-bots. He will have to make a choice: either settle for only a handful of fem-bots, or stay with his hundred obsolete silicone play dolls. How many sex dolls do you need?

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