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25 February 2008

Elusive G Spot

Why has it been so hard to find the "G Spot?" My private research in this area led me unfailingly to the elusive location after only limited exploration. I have used my navigational skills in this area without reservation, without mercy.
Named after German gynaecologist Ernst Gräfenberg who first hypothesized its existence in 1950, the G-spot is said to be an area a couple of inches inside the vagina behind the pubic bone.

However a lack of physical evidence led some scientists to dispute that there was any such thing....Dr Jannini took ultrasounds of nine women who said they had vaginal orgasms and 11 who said they did not.

They found the tissue between the vagina and the urethra, thought to contain the G-spot, was thicker in the first group....The zone is rich in blood vessels, glands, muscle fibres and nerves. It also contain the Skene's gland, the so-called "female prostate" - which varies widely between women and which some researchers have suggested plays a role in determining whether women can experience vaginal orgasms.

Dr Jannini accepted his study was too small to help determine what proportion of women has a G-spot, and is planning larger trials to answer that question.___Telegraph

I suspect that the G Spot is the origin of PSAS--persistant sexual arousal syndrome. Although mainstream "sex experts" remain clueless about the source of this condition, a bit of logic would relate PSAS to the G Spot's brain center--and a condition analogous to "phantom limb pain" in amputees. I will not say more about this now, since I believe this clue should be sufficient for the truly interested.

There is the matter of the mysterious "Venus Butterfly Technique." Unknown to most men and women, the VBT is an elementary sexual technique that should be in the repertoire of every connoisseur of sex. I learned the technique on my own, many years ago, to great advantage. Developing true finesse with the VBT requires an intimate knowledge of female sexual anatomy--both genital and cerebral.

When I think you are ready, I will tell you more.


12 February 2008

Sex Scent--Making the Most of What You Have

Androstadienone (A1) is a musky steroid that elevates the mood of women, increases feelings of "caring", and makes a woman more comfortable and ready for intimacy.
“It has been shown that when women ovulate, their response to androstadienone is strongest,” says Andreas Keller, a postdoc in Leslie Vosshall’s Laboratory of Neurogenetics and Behavior. “It is also a time when women are apt to reproduce.” By exposing ovulating women to androstadienone and measuring their physiological responses to it, Keller and Vosshall ultimately hope to figure out whether androstadienone, also a derivative of testosterone and potential social signal, affects how men and women interact with one another.___Rockefeller University Hospital

The Rockefeller study intends to enlarge upon the scientific knowledge of the effect of A1 on women--specifically women who are ovulating, thus most fertile. Scientists have begun mapping the areas of the human cortex that are activated by A1. It has also been discovered that not just any "musk" will do. A1 appears to act on the female brain in a way that is unique among "musks."
Previously, we have shown that Δ4,16-androstadien-3-one modulates psychological state, reducing negative mood and increasing positive mood (Jacob and McClintock, 2000; Jacob et al., 2001a). In order to determine whether similar musky compounds also produce these effects, we compared the effects of androstadienone to those of androstenol and muscone, measuring the psychological states of 37 participants. Androstenol and muscone were chosen because they too have a musky odor at high concentrations, while androstenol is a steroid like androstadienone and muscone is not....Androstadienone's effects on psychological state were unique in comparison with those of androstenol and with muscone. Exposure through passive inhalation, rather than dermal contact, was sufficient for these effects.____Source

A1 is available in 10 ml bottles here for US $79.95

Animals are attracted to each other through pheromonal signaling. Apparently, so are humans. The observed "addictive" nature of falling in love goes deeper than the psychological and physical fulfilling of the needs for pleasure and companionship. The brain itself is altered, and shifted into a state of heightened receptivity, by chemical signaling independent of visual, tactile, or verbal exchanges.

The consummate seducer or seductress learns to create a "gestalt", a holistic multi-sensory experience that "opens the gates and lowers the drawbridge" to the fullest extent possible. It is an art that can be learned, but until recently we had all been largely limited to what nature had given us.

A1 is just another in a long line of prosthetic and augmentative love aids which are increasingly being utilised in the ages-long battle of sex.


01 February 2008

New Online Sex Sites Strive for Realism

A lot of people, it seems, are tired of "phony sex." Conventional porn features a lot of fakery: fake boobs, fake acting, fake orgasms, etc. Apparently, there is a lurking market out there for sex realism:
At first glance, (NSFW) might look like just another "barely legal" porn site, and (NSFW) like yet another fetish studio.

Websites in Kink's network explore themes ranging from dominance and submission (NSFW) to sex machines (NSFW), while Australian "amateurs" site abbywinters showcases the first blush of young womanhood in all its natural beauty -- no makeup, no boob jobs and no men....Abbywinters offers the one-on-one feel of a cam site, the production values of a high-definition digital studio and the genuine sexual energy of good amateur video. While not accepting user-generated content, the team encourages input from site visitors. Fans can post a suggestion in the forums and find themselves discussing it with a director within hours. The shoot might even begin the next day.

Staffers develop a scenario for each shoot, but let the sexual energy build organically. The performers decide what to do and when to do it. It's not uncommon for abbywinters girls to go for an hour or two, and for the entire thing -- bonked heads, arousal ebbs and flows, hiccups and all -- to end up on a DVD....

I've described the modern porn consumer as "savvy" and "sophisticated," but I could just as accurately have said "jaded" and "unimpressed." Kink and abbywinters succeed in this environment because they recognize that they must provide more than pornographic pictures to get our interest, much less keep it. By treating customers as collaborators, they manage to create an experience and make the fantasy real -- and they do that by bringing authentic sex to the virtual realm of porn.

So they keep the farts and everything? Oh, I forgot--no online smell interfaces yet. Still, striving for reality has to be an improvement on the phoniness of most porn. Parenthetically, if children are going to be introduced to sex on the internet--inadvertently, while researching school assignments and such--isn't it better for them to see the real thing, rather than staged and faked? I think so.


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