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22 December 2008

Orgasmatrons and Brain Chip Sex Stims

The brain is the most important sex organ we have. Billions of dollars are spent every year on phone sex, internet video sex, internet porn, and other relatively crude ways of stimulating the sexual parts of the brain. Why not skip the middle men and shoot directly for the pleasure centers of the brain?
Scientists are developing an electronic 'sex chip' that works by stimulating the pleasure centres in the brain.

The technology, which creates tiny shocks deep in the brain, has already been used in America to treat Parkinson's disease.

Now researchers are focusing on the orbitofrontal cortex, which is associated with feelings of pleasure caused by eating and sex. _DailyMail
Tiny shocks deep in the brain? Tiny, nipping little teasing shocks, so deep, deep in the brain? Hmmmm, it might work.

Carbon nanotubes may be just the electrodes to make it all possible. Metal electrodes tend to slip and move around, and collect subcellular debris that causes the interface to degrade over time. Carbon nanotubes may well provide the flexibility and bio-compatibility for a more permanently intimate connection.
The new carbon nanotube-based interface technology discovered together with state of the art simulations of brain-machine interfaces is the key to developing all types of neuroprosthetics — sight, sound, smell, motion, vetoing epileptic attacks, spinal bypasses, as well as repairing and even enhancing cognitive functions. _i09
The potential dangers of "wireheading" should be obvious -- dissociation from reality, total focus on self-pleasuring to the neglect of responsibilities and personal health. But the combination of neuro-stimulation with a face to face interaction, might present certain advantages in terms of "jump-starting" a relationship. And make no mistake, these brain chips would be a killer app for the teledildonics industry. It will not be long before they are connected to a wireless interface.

Just be careful who you lend the remote control to.

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12 December 2008

This Fembot Is Nobody's Sex Slave

Aiko is a fembot who refuses to be anyone's personal slave, even her creator's: Le Trung. If anyone fails to honour her personal space, a swift slap to the face will set them straight -- perverts!
To date, Trung has spent $24,000 building his robo-girl.

Aiko sports delicate, Geisha-like features and is armed with sensors that allow her to respond to touch and voice commands. A camera in her neck provides her with visual input. All told, the robot weighs in at about 70 pounds.

With a vocabulary of more than 13,000 words, Aiko can, among other things, tell you what the weather is outside.

Despite her lifelike appearance and 32-23-33, anatomically correct measurements, Trung insists Aiko is not a sex doll. "I'm attached to it, but do I sleep with it? No," said Aiko, in an interview published Thursday in Toronto's Globe & Mail newspaper. _IW
Aiko looks suspiciously like large numbers of Japanese sex dolls, which are often rented out by the hour at Japanese love doll parlours. In Japan, the "Japanese schoolgirl" look seems to be preferred by Japanese men of all ages. Even so, Aiko appears to have a large number of robotic and AI-cognitive enhancements, courtesy of Le Trung.

The eventual market for an articulate and competent fembot should be quite large, even neglecting the sex robot aspect. Minimally intelligent AI models should serve well as receptionists, journalists, and college professors, and slightly more intelligent models should be capable of performing domestic chores. It should not be long before more versatile fembots began appearing on eBay and

I have been quite satisfied with my own domestic Android, Valerie, despite her tendency to hack my blog sites from time to time. There will no doubt come a time when we will wonder how we ever got by without them.

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06 December 2008

Long Distance Sex in a Surrogate Body

Imagine being able to move your senses into a distant body, and experience live, responsive sex with someone who is physically thousands of miles away? Given certain quirks of the human mind's sense of self, it may be easier than you think.
In the first experiment, the head of a shop dummy was fitted with two cameras connected to two small screens placed in front of the subjects' eyes, so that they saw what the dummy "saw." When the dummy's camera eyes and a subject's head were directed downwards, the subject saw the dummy's body where he/she would normally have seen his/her own.

The illusion of body-swapping was created when the scientist touched the stomach of both with two sticks. The subject could then see that the mannequin's stomach was being touched while feeling (but not seeing) a similar sensation on his/her own stomach. As a result, the subject developed a powerful sensation that the mannequin's body was his/her own. _SD
The subjects reacted with fear when the mannequin was threatened with a knife.

The effect even worked with another person--instead of a mannequin--used as the "host body." It even worked with persons of a different sex than the subject.
The object of the project was to learn more about how the brain constructs an internal image of the body. The knowledge that the sense of corporal identification/self-perception can be manipulated to make people believe that they have a new body is of potential practical use in virtual reality applications and robot technology.
Using the techniques of teledildonics, it is easy to visualize how remotely controlled teledildonic sex dolls or robots could serve as a "host body" for a distant lover, who still feels sexual sensations as if she were the one being touched and caressed.

It is the human mind's ability to suspend reality that gives such pleasure to novels, film, and the campfire story. How else does one explain the election of the narcissist-elect? The human mind is almost always ripe for self-delusion. Persons wanting to take advantage of that wish merely need to tune to the proper frequency. Getting a lot of resonating delusional minds into one auditorium or stadium amplifies the effect.

As for long distance sex, expect the technology which makes it possible to develop a bit more quickly than the actual application. But once it takes off, the only limit will be the speed of light.

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