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23 January 2009

Wealth and Power Aphrodisiacs for Women?

In more primitive societies it was the most successful hunters who attracted the desirable women. In today's society it is the men who wield power, name recognition, and great wealth.
The reasons why women enjoy sex more - and, according to this research, have more orgasms with wealthier lovers - is more complex. Smart women make love to a man's mind, so going to bed with one of life's winners is exciting, regardless of his sexual performance.

It is flattering that such a man would want to be with you. So potent an aphrodisiac is his wealth and success that before he has proved his bedroom prowess, the woman is closer to a euphoric state than she would be with a less wealthy partner.

...I know that whenever I have had a relationship with a powerful man, I have felt proud of myself for it. Not because he had money, but because this man, desired by other women, had chosen to spend his time with me. _DailyMail
Successful musicians, artists, writers, actors, and other famous men likewise have a larger range of willing women to choose from. Even extremely ugly politicians such as Bill Clinton or Barack Obama are considered desirable by many women, by virtue of political power and name recognition.

The key is to make a woman feel special. Celebrities and wealthy men can do that simply by choosing to spend time with a woman. Other men will need to work a bit harder. If the woman thinks the man is special, she will feel special when he chooses her. Once that gateway is passed, everything else becomes child's play.



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