Al Fin, You Sexy Thing!

12 February 2009

Finding New Places to Do It

Risk is something of an aphrodisiac in itself. Having sex in unusual, perhaps risky places can get the juices flowing. Here is a list of risky places for doing it from, perhaps a surprising source for this type of thing.
1. The Great Outdoors.

2. On a Golf Course.

3. In a Barn.

4. Atop a Balcony.

For those of you who live in apartment buildings, the rooftop terrace is always an option. It’s quite amazing at night under the city lights. This does, though, become riskier if neighbors from other buildings can sneak a peak.

5. In a Department Store

6. In a Graveyard.

7. At a Bath House.

8. Nightclubs.

9. Parked Cars.

10. In a Raft or Canoe.


11. At the Beach.

Just remember to keep it classy and not too risky by escaping to the dunes or a secluded part of the beach. Some people have been known to take to the ocean.

12. On a Bench.

13. Church Pews.

14. In the Office.

15. Public Pools or Hot Tubs.

16. At a Restaurant.

17. At the Movies.


18. In an Elevator.

19. In a Phone Booth.

20. Public Transportation. _FN

I can personally recommend #1, #9, #11, #14, #15 and almost #18 on the list. Most exciting are places up high over the city lights at night, with breezes anywhere from cool to balmy blowing over your (in motion) bare backside.

The graveyard option makes sense for teenagers, I suppose, given the aphrodisiac effect of horror films on teenage girls. It all depends upon how creative her paramour can be in setting the scene.

In the not-so-distant-future, when virtual reality and teledildonics converge with robotic sex technology, the limits to sex will melt away. You will be able to have sex on the sunlit lunar surface with someone who lives in Seattle, while safely in a hotel bed in Toronto. The experience will seem real, apart from the lack of vacuum and lethal heat/radiation. Rolling in the soft lunar soil never felt so good.

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