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21 February 2009

Greenwich Village Gallery Features Photos of Sex Dolls, "More Than A Woman"

Sex dolls are not just for lonely hearts and Japanese businessmen and engineers any longer. These dolls have finally made the Village art scene, where they may finally be discovered! Here is an interesting write-up from an art writer's perspective:
"More than a Woman" hopes to explore more than the Dutch wives' obvious function of satisfying sexual and physical needs. Visually discovering the basic cravings for companionship, unconditional love, unwavering loyalty and the importance of trust, acceptance and intimacy. All of which he is unable to find in a human relationship, but is somehow satiated with his cast of Dutch wives.

The multitude of Dutch wives create his perfect world of women.

"My ladies are always there for me," he said. "They never talk back, and if I get bored, I can just change the head."

These Dutch wives are more than a woman to him and More than a woman can ever be.

...The dolls are often very heavy, 30 kilos or about 66 pounds, and simulate the weight of a real human. Hollywood special effects techniques for realistic skin made out of silicone are employed on the higher-end Dutch wives. Water-filled body areas in breasts and buttocks are made even more realistic when they are given a hot bath before "play." Their flexible joints allow them to be positioned on their own as they kneel on all fours or straddle a human body in a provocative pose. _Read more at ArtCal
If you want to see the Japanese man whose dolls are featured at the Greenwich Village show, here is the video.

These dolls are more prominent in Japanese society, where a person can actually rent them by the hour in a "doll hotel." But as has been stated on this blog many times, the market for this type of product is huge, once an innovator finds a way to both make the experience more realistic AND drop the price by at least 50% to 75%.



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