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15 May 2009

Only 28% of Chinese Women Orgasm

While in the western world, almost 90% of women have experienced orgasm at least once, in China the number is much lower. The Chinese people tend to focus more on family and responsibility, and less on individual pleasure.

An entrepreneur in Chongqing aims to change that focus a bit, by opening Sex Land -- a sex oriented theme park featuring sculptures of naked body parts and bigger-than-life sex organs. It is modeled after a similar sex theme park in South Korea, and is seen by its developer as a sort of sex education public service.
Li Yinhe, an expert on sexual attitudes at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said that in ancient times Chinese people had more positive attitudes towards sex. They became more ascetic during the Song and Ming dynasties, but this trend peaked at the end of the Cultural Revolution.

Since the 80s that had reversed, she said, adding: "The fact that the park has been built shows the change and that open attitudes to sex are now mainstream." One of her research projects showed that in Beijing the percentage of people having premarital sex rose from under 16% in 1989 to over 60% in 2004.

Li said that while disapproval of sex stemmed from religion in the west, in China it was largely rooted in a traditional focus on the family instead of individual enjoyment – leading people to deplore premarital and extramarital sex.

"But people will become more tolerant and have positive attitudes towards sex; for example, people [already] care more about female orgasm. I read a report saying in the west about 90% of women have experienced orgasm, but in China the number is only 28%," she said. _Guardian
Certainly something needs to be done about the orgasm gap suffered by Chinese women. If Chinese men suffered a similar orgasm gap, certainly the population of China would be somewhat lower than it is.

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  • At Monday, June 08, 2009 9:15:00 AM , Blogger Eshenberg said...

    "Certainly something needs to be done about the orgasm gap suffered by Chinese women."
    It's been done,out said China ,Only about 1/3 Chinese women,chose east Asian man,so in future ,there will be only artificial created ,for sex Chinese women;)
    P.S. The same to Japanese,Korean and probably some south-east Asian women!


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