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01 June 2009

Using Sex Toys Responsibly!

Side Effects of Vibrator Use
The researchers only reported on women’s responses to questions about negative side effects of vibrator use. They asked women about genital numbness, pain, irritation, swelling (the bad kind) and tears or cuts. Here are the findings:

* 71.5% of women never experienced any side effects.
* 16% reported numbness
* 3% reported pain
* 10% reported irritation
* 8% reported swelling
* 1% reported tears or cuts _SexBlog
Debra Herbenick of Indiana University wanted to know how many people were using vibrators, and whether they were practising "safe shakes." [bad pun alert!] And so she collected the data, analysed it, and recently reported her findings in The Journal of Sexual Medicine (...Herbenick, D.... et. al. "Prevalence and Characteristics of Vibrator Use by Men in the United States" Journal of Sexual Medicine Early View, Date: May 2009. Accessed May 31, 2009).
Vibrator Use and Other Healthy Behaviors
Both men and women who use vibrators were more likely to do things that indicate a comfort with their bodies and an interest in taking care of themselves. Women who had ever used a vibrator were more likely than those who had never used a vibrator to have had a gynecologic exam in the past year and performed a genital self-examine in the past month. Men who reported performing testicular self-exams within the past moth were more likely to have used a vibrator.

Sex Toy Cleaning
The good news is that the majority of men and women do clean their vibrators. The bad news is that some don’t (20% of men and 14% of women report never cleaning their toys). Of those who do clean, habits could still improve. 60% of women and 53% of men report cleaning their toy before and after use, with the rest either cleaning before or after. It’s not clear if they asked this, but what I’d be most interested in knowing is whether or not they cleaned the toy before first use, something that I think a lot of people overlook but it important considering the serious lack of hygiene in most sex toy factories. _Herbenick et al as quoted in Sexualityblog
When becoming familiar with a new girlfriend, one of the first things I tend to inspect are sex toys. Does she keep them clean, neat, and in safe working condition? Such questions are important if you wish to keep your safe sex options open -- to say nothing of protecting your own health and that of future sex partners and possible future progeny.

Debra's research focused upon vibrators. But the sex toy world is rapidly growing to involve sophisticated life-sized mannequins, advanced software / hardware interfaces, and will soon no doubt involve direct Deep Brain Stimulation involving both invasive and non-invasive stimulatory techniques.

Sex toys are developing alongside advances in neuroscience, nanoscience, materials science, information science, and the psychology of sexuality. The world of sex ten years from now will likely seem strange to most of today's sex aficionados. Think of it as "Orgasmatron meets Kiln People", or the like. Use common sense.



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