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27 August 2009

On a Recent Flight from Mumbai to Singapore . . . .

Image courtesy of ImpactLab
On a recent flight from Mumbai to Singapore, I had the opportunity to observe the new Air India flight attendants up close. So impressed was I with their obvious dexterity, that -- using a bit of the patented Al Fin charm -- I convinced one of the young ladies to accompany me to my hotel for the evening.

I was almost late for my presentation the following morning, my experience with the genengineered flight attendant had been so exceptional. In fact, to call it memorable would be understating the experience. The young lady, herself, complained about a certain difficulty finding clothes that fit properly, and having to deal with the stares of the public, when not in flight or in the flight crew lounge. I commiserated with her as long as I could, but what could I do -- other than enjoy the advantages of the moment?

Anyway, back over North American skies, I have been wondering whether one could produce and sell androids that possessed similar modifications? When building robo-prostitutes, there would be no advantage to adhering too closely to the natural blueprint. Not if unnatural modifications could make the experience even more exceptionally enjoyable. Right?

Of course, it comes down to an issue of economics. Some men are simply stuck on the natural pattern of things, and will have it no other way. But something tells me that more men than not would go for something extra, something just a bit overwhelming.

Just a thought. And if you find yourself on that Mumbai to Singapore run, consider chatting up one of the dexterous air maidens. You might enjoy the aftermath.



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