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09 May 2010

Obama Stimulates Mom Prostitute Business

As economic conditions continue to deteriorate, cash-strapped moms are forced to make difficult decisions. How will she provide for her children -- provide food, clothing, schooling, and keep a roof over their heads? Sometimes hard compromises are necessary.
Prostitutes who also happen to be mothers face multiple dilemmas. Being proud of your job as a sex worker doesn’t always mean being open about it. Ruth Morgan Thomas, a founder of the Scottish Prostitutes Education Project, worked in an Edinburgh massage parlor while her daughter Tara was an infant. “I’ve never had any help from Tara’s father,” she says, “and I left him when she was 2 and a half.” Later, she worked as an escort, and then, not at all abashed about her profession, traveled to Japan to represent sex workers at an AIDS conference.

...Claudia waited until she was out of the business to have her first child, who is now 18. “I do wonder if she’s starting to put two and two together and coming up with something that resembles four, but I still haven’t told her. My youngest is 8, and he’s just too young to even be thinking about such things.” A former London escort who also worked on the street, she now lives in the northeastern U.K. and blogs as “Claudia,” but doesn’t discuss it with her children.
Last year, for about six months, she worked in phone sex. “My housing costs are very high, and I quite like talking dirty,” she says. “I worked when the kids were at their dad’s house. I didn’t want anyone to find out.”
What made her quit? “One evening, my oldest came home unexpectedly. I had to fake an orgasm very quickly under the duvet. And the work was very badly paid.”

...Abby, a 33-year-old sex worker with a 10-year-old son, lives in Adelaide, Australia, and works part-time in the nearby mining town of Whyalla, where she sees a mix of regulars and new customers obtained through a local ad. “I work there one full weekend every month when my son’s visiting his father,” she says, “plus one day a week at a friend’s cottage in Adelaide when he’s in school.” Her ex-husband, who contributes $120 a month child support, doesn’t know how she supports her household. Or perhaps he doesn’t want to.

...Veronica Monet experienced such a battle when she was married with two stepchildren.
“At that point in my career, I was working three days a week as a middle-class escort, seeing people by the hour,” she says. “I paid half of my husband’s child support, took care of their medical expenses, vacations—many of the finer things in life.” _TDB
Times are hard all over, thanks to the clowns that people have elected to run things. And yet people somehow manage to adapt to difficult circumstances. One of the latent resources that a family can sometimes call upon in extremis, is the oft-suppressed sexuality of the mom.

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