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30 June 2010

Future of Sex: A Cattle Prod?

Well, perhaps not a cattle prod, exactly. Something called "electrosex".
“Electro sex is a method of sexual stimulation involving the use of low voltage electronic signals to stimulate the nerves in the sexual organs into triggering pleasure and orgasmic response. Utilizing electronic signals to duplicate and increase normal sexual stimulation can have quite a profound effect on the sexual arousal of an individual or individuals. The nerves can be triggered in a way that never occurs, even in the best "normal" sex, or with friction or mechanical vibrators. Nerves are electrical triggers, and by applying electronic signals to activate them, the feelings are incredible.” When you realize that ALL impulses in the human body are electric impulses... it's obvious that you can stimulate an orgasm using the right equipment and tools. _Sexelectric (NotWorkSafe)

Electrosex is one of the less public kinks of modern and future sexuality. Several vendors offer specialty electrosex equipment online. One website even claims to teach you how to modify your stereo receiver for your electrosexual pleasure.

Here are some sources for ready-made electrosex products:
Kitten's Toy Room

Al Fin cannot vouch for any of these approaches or vendors personally. He is aware of the use of electrical stimulation to cause horses and bulls to ejaculate -- for purposes of artificial insemination. He has wondered, in an idle fashion, whether similar electro-stimulation to human males would also lead to sexual climax. But Al Fin is no more experienced in electro-sex than are yourselves, dear readers. Experiment at your own risk.

But consider this: If one slipstream of the future of sex involves sex with machines -- even to augment sex with other humans -- electro-sex is likely to enter the picture sooner or later. The only question will be: "Will you be smart enough to avoid electrocuting yourself in the pursuit of the ultimate pleasure?"

Smart people understand that the true center of pleasure is within the brain itself, not the sex organs. But for those unwilling to undergo the neurosurgery required for deep brain implants, using the peripheral nervous system as a conduit to those central nervous system centers of pleasure makes a certain amount of sense.

Be careful out there.



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