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05 June 2010

iPad: Never Buy Another Tampon Again!

Al Fin undercover investigators have discovered that the new iPad electronics device has a hidden secret function: as a feminine hygiene device! It seems that the iPad is fully feminine hygiene capable, with a few easy touch commands. And the iPad is also on sale, at 80% off.

Our investigators learned that many of the iPad designers were women, who felt that the time and expense of dealing with the monthly feminine cycle was impinging upon their personal and career lives. So they designed the iPad to be more than a consumer electronics device.

When put into the feminine hygiene mode, the iPad is capable of instantly converting the muco-sanguinous uteral effluents into a useful biofuel, which can be added to either gasoline or diesel with no further modification. The resulting combination gets better mileage, is less polluting, and releases much lower levels of greenhouse gases!

Al Fin undercover snoops suggest that the iPad has even more secret functions that they are on the verge of discovering.

Stay tuned to the Al Fin Blog Syndicates Network for the latest in all your sexual, feminine hygiene, tech information, and biofuel needs.



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