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16 July 2010

China: Where Sex Toys are Made for the Rest of the World

The market for sex toys is developing fast within China, but most of the 1000 specialist manufacturers there - based in Guangdong and Zhejiang provinces - rely heavily on exports.

Manufacturer Romeo Jiang - he chose his own first name - says that China produces about 70 per cent of the world's sex toys. His factory focuses on vibrators, dildos and fetish clothes. _Australian
China is now the largest manufacturer of sex toys for the world. Are the Chinese themselves making the most of their own sexual appetites and pleasures, or are they missing out? If only 28% of Chinese women regularly experience orgasm, someone may have forgotten to tell Chinese men that sex is not just about procreation. Particularly since procreation is depressed in China due to the one-child policy.

Up to 20 million or more Chinese women work in the sex industry -- catering to the sexual appetites of men in China -- but who caters to the sexual needs of China's women? Here are a few ideas for Chinese men to think about, in the interest of sexual justice for women:
Woman-on-Top. The woman kneels over the man's hips. The man makes a fist and places it at the junction of the lovers' pelvises. The woman leans forward, presses her clitoris against the fist and moves in any way that erotically excites her. Or the woman or man presses a vibrator into her clitoris.

Rear entry. The woman stands and bends at the waist or kneels on all fours and the man stands or kneels behind her. The man or woman can reach the woman's clitoris and gently caress it, or either the man or woman can press a vibrator against her clitoris.

Man-on-Top. In this position, the woman's orgasm is least likely, but the "coital alignment technique" (CAT) helps. The CAT was first suggested in 1988 by sex researcher Edward Eichel. Instead of the man lying on top of the woman chest-to-chest with his penis moving more or less horizontally, the man shifts so that his chest is closer to one of the woman's shoulders. As a result, his penis moves in a more up-and-down direction. The man rides higher on the woman's pelvis, and the bone at the base of his penis (pelvic bone) makes more contact with the clitoris. This increases direct clitoral stimulation and may provide enough to trigger the woman's orgasm. _PsyToday
And there are things a Chinese man can do after intercourse, to improve the sexual experience of the Chinese woman:
After sexual intercourse take a shower together

Some couples like to lie in bed together and smell their partner`s sweat while others like to take a shower and freshen up. Why take a shower alone if you can do it together with your partner. It can be a great foreplay which will surely lead to new sexual intercourse.

After sexual intercourse have another one

It may sound a bit silly, but why would you have sexual intercourse only once if you can have it twice. If you are more horny that your partner, you can give initiative and start with a new foreplay

Have something to eat after sexual intercourse

If you are not a smoker, you will surely want to eat something after sexual intercourse. Have something light , let`s say a fruit or a candy. The food can also be a part of a new foreplay because you and your partner can eat it completely naked. Even if you are obsessed with cleanliness do not spoil the pleasure of eating in bed. _Spicezee

Al Fin would like to explain to Chinese men how to drive Chinese women wild using his advanced, patented Rainbow Vortex Venus Butterfly technique. But Al Fin has found it more fun to demonstrate the technique directly to Chinese women, and then let them teach their men how to use it, at their leisure.

Just because procreation is limited in China does not mean that sexual pleasure has to be.

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