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25 February 2011

Sexual Age of Consent, and Other Topics


Persons who travel frequently may find themselves at something of a loss, when contemplating whether it is safe to indulge themselves sexually with someone who may be younger than themselves. The handy maps provided here may save you from making a serious mistake.
The legal age of consent varies widely around the world — and even within the United States, it's way more complicated than we thought. _Jezebel
In fact, the younger the partner and the wider the age range between you, the greater the chance you will end up doing serious jail time for giving in to temptation.
Men in particular seem to be attracted to younger partners, but recently there seems to be an upsurge in mature women having sex with boys. Neither phenomenon should necessarily be seen as a sexual perversion.

Certainly men have been attracted to teenaged girls since the dawn of mankind. As long as they could support the girl and care for any offspring, no one seemed to mind, until recently. Men seem to be programmed to be attracted to many qualities which very young girls are more likely to possess: Smooth faces and skin, youthful beauty, hourglass figures, the naivete not to be able to see through his schtick, etc.

The phenomenon of grown women servicing teenaged boys is more recent, and seems to have accompanied the breaking of the realationship between sex and reproduction allowed by widespread contraceptive technologies. None of the boys seem to be complaining.

Have you noticed that some people start becoming more than a bit "clingy" once they start having sex with you? That reaction may very well be hard-wired in the brains of many. Read all about it and other seemingly innocent remarks which might make all the difference in a relationship.

And can you believe that the topic of "internet porn" has reached the pages of New York Magazine? Believe it. Internet porn is simply everywhere.

Modern societies are extremely hung up on sex for many reasons. Part of it comes from conservative religious values, but another part of the problem comes from leftist feminist constipative tendencies. Wherever you look, there are always those who want to force their way into your bedroom or hotel room.

Things are going to change. Things always change. Let's try to make sure they change for the better, toward a more functional and joyful future.

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