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14 July 2011

Dental Students Go Gaga for New Sex Doll Teaching Assistant

Video via CNET

Tokyo's Showa University Dental School is serious about teaching its students the "gentle dental" approach to oral health and hygiene. To that end, Showa University has enlisted the help of sex doll maker Orient Industries, in creating the "perfect woman" dental patient robot.

Officially referred to as Showa Hanako (but affectionately called "Choko" by male students), the practise doll is always in demand by students who are eager to learn -- even after hours. Choko is able to move her head, tongue, and arms, for an added sense of realism. Her silicon skin and realistic oral soft tissues can sometimes fool a student into thinking she is real -- especially with his eyes closed!

Patient simulators such as Choko are likely to see much wider use in schools of Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing, and other paramedical fields. Resuscitation dolls have been used in training for cardiac life support for several decades, for example, but up to this point these resusci-dolls have not received the fine attention to detailed realism of tissue textures that Choko was given by Orient Industries. For that reason, only a few of the resusci-dolls have been stolen and/or abused.

But as these teaching aids become more and more realistic, they will need more legally guaranteed protection from those who see them as nothing more than kinky playthings. Legal activist and advocacy groups must be formed to help robotic teaching assistants such as Choko -- who must often work long into the night, after normal teaching hours. Poor Choko.

More at CNET

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