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01 September 2011

2011 Bubble Baba River Race Drew Over 800 Participants

More than 800 people rode inflatable sex dolls down Vuoksa river rapids, 90 km from St Petersburg, at the ninth annual Bubble Baba Challenge 2011 - a bizarre but popular Russian race event. Anyone over 16, and of either sex, is allowed to take part in the competition. All they are required to do is swim in the complicated rapids of the Vuoksa river near St. Petersburg, on a plastic inflatable sex doll in a race that last little more than three minutes.

The word "baba" is Russian for "peasant woman," but is also a crude term with sexual connotations _AmusingPlanet

It sounds like good, clean, family fun to Al Fin sexologists. Consider organising a similar event in your area. Don't let the citizens of St. Petersburg have all the fun.

More photos of the 2011 Bubble Baba Challenge

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