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09 October 2011

If Every Child Had the Same Father, Would They All Be Jailed for Incest?

As sperm counts drop across the developed world, would-be parents are coming to rely upon reproductive technologies such as artificial insemination. As this trend develops, we are discovering "patriarchal sperm donours" who are extremely prolific at siring large numbers of children. Individual sperm donours may father hundreds -- or even thousands -- of children, with no telling what sort of sexual mischief these unwitting siblings may get into in the future. Some observers are worried about the potential for incest of all kinds.
Specialists warn over-reliance of one donor increases the risk of the transmission of genetic diseases and malformations, and some say there are dangers of inadvertent incest between half-siblings....

...Toronto documentary maker Barry Stevens has used his experiences -- born in Britain through a donor who then went on to sire some 500 to 1,000 children during his three decades working with sperm banks -- to fuel his own work. His siblings are now spread across Canada, the United States, Europe and beyond..."We can't exclude the possibility that children of one donor can meet and have sex, and children, and indeed the possibility that the donor himself could have sex with his daughter," said Stevens, who has made films about his search for his real father and his half-siblings. _DiscoveryNews

So it is possible for one donour to sire thousands of children, via artificial insemination. And logically, if the siblings remain anonymous to each other, there is a theoretical possibility that siblings might have sex -- might perchance marry and have children. But given the low probabilities involved, is it logical to become excited about the issue -- to demand that laws be passed to limit the number of sperm donations a man can make?

In Canada, sperm donation for money has been outlawed. As a result, Canada is running low on sperm supply, and must send away to the US for life-giving sustenance. Canada's population is already in danger of shriveling away, due to very low birthrates. If Canadian authorities put too many legal constraints on reproductive methods, we may soon see Canada shrinking and breaking up into multiple nations -- Francophone, First Peoples, US annexed etc.

The problem is not only in Canada. Most western nations -- as well as Russia and nations of East Asia -- are experiencing below-replacement birthrates. Low sperm counts may be part of the reason for low birth rates, but female choice is more responsible than anything else. Whatever the reason for shrinking populations, it is clear that in certain circumstances, society must step back from overregulation, and instead use a bit of common sense.

Children of sperm donours could receive an "intelligent tatoo" at birth, for example, which would contain a coded file of information relating to the father -- but omitting the actual identity of the donour. That way, prospective lovers or mates could compare tatoos before consummating the act -- or at least before producing a child. If their tatoos matched, they would have all the information they needed to make an informed choice.

No one wants a society of indiscriminate mating, which could increase the chances of genetic diseases or a breakdown in basic morals. But likewise, most of us do not want a fascist society that oversees and over-regulates virtually every aspect of our lives. We do not want our lives dictated to by government workers, documentary makers, feminist pseudo-intellectuals, talk show hosts, journalists, or any other busy-bodies of modern life.

We can take the appropriate safeguards. Step away from the sperm banks, busybodies. Make no sudden moves.

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