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29 November 2011

More Health Benefits of Motherhood

Women who bear four or more children appear to be protected from stroke, or cerebrovascular disease. The research was done at UCSD and involved 1300 California women.
Lead author Marni Jacoobs of the University of California, in San Diego, wrote in the journal Fertility and Sterility: "In conclusion, women in this study had less CVD mortality risk if they had more than four pregnancies, with the strongest association observed for non-CHD CVD mortality.

"The mechanism by which this decreased risk occurs is unknown, however, it may reflect higher fertility in healthier women, the effect of prolonged exposure to higher levels of circulating oestrogen or other hormones during pregnancy, increased endothelial function during pregnancy, or the added social support from a larger family."... _Telegraph_via_Impactlab
Various scientists and clinicians have attempted to explain this effect in various ways. But if we keep in mind the rejuvenating effects of pregnancy -- via both stem cells and humoural factors -- and the tendency for pregnancy to "build up the brain," the underlying truth of the matter probably lie in areas where most researchers have never looked.

Political correctness is the enemy of genuine science, and yet PC permeates so much of academia, politics, and the journalism of science. Fortunately, here at the Al Fin Institute of Sexology, our motto is: "Damn the Political Correctness! We Just Want to Learn the Truth!"

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