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26 December 2011

What is the Best Way to Re-Populate the World After Apocalypse?

The year 2012 is the focus of a great deal of apocalyptic thinking. From Mayan prophecies to resource scarcity (peak oil doom) to climate doom to overpopulation doom, a lot of people are thinking about a great human dieoff.orgy in the presumably near future.

Assuming the human dieoff occurs on schedule, how will the surviving humans re-populate the planet, so as to get back on track to reach the next level or singularity?
DailyMail Ziona Chana Family
Historically, one of the most effective ways to quickly repopulate, is via polygamous marriages. The most fertile men set about collecting a highly fertile brood of wives, then proceed to let nature do its work.

The most children sired by one father -- 800, by Mulai Ismail, the last Sharifian Emperor of Morocco -- were created by this means.
The famous Duggar family of the USA, represent the top range of natural children born by one woman in a conventional marriage. The Duggars have 20 children, with one son married and living with his wife and child, and the other 19 children still living under one roof.

Of course, Michelle Duggar is not anywhere near to holding the record for the most children birthed by one mother. The record is held by a Russian woman whose 69 children were born within a 40 year period -- between 1725 and 1765.

The youngest mother on record -- Peruvian Lina Medina -- was only 5 years old when she gave birth to a live child, via C-section. The oldest mother on record was a 67 year old Spanish woman, who became pregnant using technological assistance, and gave birth to a healthy child.

How many years can a woman remain fertile, altogether? If you consider that in many societies, girls are maturing sexually at earlier ages -- some prior to 10 years of aqe -- the onset of fertility can occur quite early. And if you consider that the advances in fertility medicine can potentially allow a woman to conceive and carry a child into her 70s, then some women could possibly remain "fertile" for longer than half a century -- up to 60 years or more.

If these long-term fertile women were to bear children at the same rate as the record-holding Russian woman -- 69 children in a 40 year timespan -- they could bear up to 100 or more children apiece, during their time of fertility.

I know what you women are thinking: "How horrid! Why, those women would be nothing more than brood mares in captivity, their entire lives!" And yes, of course, you are correct in thinking this, at least according to conventional standards of today.

But consider that in a post-apocalyptic situation, both you and modern conventional ways of looking at such things, would be long dead. Those who survived would be making up the rules as they went along.

Al Fin demographers have calculated that the minimum viable breeding population to avoid genetic drift, is approximately 10,000 breeding pairs. So, with each of 10,000 women bearing nearly 100 children over her fertile timespan, the population from the offspring of the starting breeding pairs alone, would reach almost 1 million.

But remember that starting 10 years from the onset of the repopulation breeding program, a new bunch of almost 5,000 10 year old girls will begin reaching their fertile span -- every year or so a new group of 5,000. Via the magic of compounding, it should not take long to breed humanity back into a productive industrial age.

The best way to prevent such a scenario, is to promote the health of modern western societies, so that the more modern enlightened liberation of women will continue into the indefinite future. Every political, economic, and social act which weakens the western world, increases the odds of the onset of a more primitive and misogynistic world, where women are seen as mere chattel. It is already that way across large parts of the Islamic and third worlds -- where fertility rates tend to be much higher than in the modern west.

But if the worst should happen, and civilisation should crash into a great human dieoff, at least we can rest assured that it does not have to be the permanent end of human civilisation.

Human reproductive records

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