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24 January 2012

Amazing Vaginas of the World

Frisky has a slideshow exhibit on the "Top 10 Amazing Vaginas", in which you can be exposed to "the women with two vaginas", the woman with no vagina, and other assorted wonders.
Top 10 Amazing Vaginas

The star of the show is Hazel Jones, one of the women with 2 vaginas. Hazel is an attractive 27 year old blonde who recently was offered $1 million to appear in a porn video.


Hazel was diagnosed with this condition -- uterus didelphys, with two vaginas and two uteri -- at age 18. She has been able to accept her condition, to the point that she goes with her husband to sex clubs, for recreation. Her willingness to share her condition with the world is a true sign of her personal generosity and openness.

An earlier story on Al Fin blog considered the situation of a Utah woman with the same condition who happened to become pregnant in both uteri over the same time period. The story was framed in the style of a satire, but links to the true story underlying the satire are included.


22 January 2012

The Economic Sense of Having Three Children

Children aren’t exactly the equivalent of a “buy one, get one free” deal. But, thanks to hand-me-down clothing, cribs, and other kid detritus, the amount needed to raise a second child is much less than the first. And a third kid? That baby’s quite an amazing bargain, by comparison. _Time

Modern youth and young adults are told by teachers and the skankstream media that the world is overpopulated. You should have at most only one or perhaps two children -- if any -- according to these keepers of the population gates. But more intelligent people understand that in modern societies, the danger is a looming underpopulation, rather than overpopulation. The loss of human capital from the shrinkage of first world populations -- while third world populations grow wildly -- will cause incredible suffering on a global scale, if trends are not changed.

The trouble in the modern world, is that governments have grown so large and overbearing, that tax burdens on young people wanting to have children can make it economically difficult to have more than one child. Add to that the destructive effects of bloated governments on their economies, and most would-be parents find themselves in a double or triple bind.

Fortunately, the economics of child raising may allow for discounts when multiple children come along. Which is a good thing for the world which needs more high intelligence, high-achieving children. And it is good for their parents, who may need a helping hand in years to come, as they age. a recent USA Today column discusses, the per-child costs decrease substantially when parents have a second and third child. The column is written by Laura Vanderkam, who is the author of the forthcoming book All the Money in the World: What the Happiest People Know About Getting and Spending and the mother of (you guessed it) three kids.

...What happens, according to researchers, is that families with two children spend 25% less per child than those with one kid. Families with three kids, in turn, spend 22% less per child than two-child households. _Time

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03 January 2012

Sex Toys: $1 Billion Industry and Growing

Approximately 75% of the female population can’t orgasm from intercourse alone. This isn’t because they’re novices in the bedroom, or that their partners are bad in the sack – countless studies have shown correlation between physical anatomy and ability to achieve orgasm through intercourse. But thanks to The Screaming O, women of all sexual capacities can enjoy orgasmic intercourse, and the lucky 25% can have that much more intense of a sexual experience! _ScreamingO
Winner of multiple sex toy prizes, Screaming O sex toys are widely available via and other internet retailers, as well as in walk-in stores such as Walgreens. Compared to your grandmother's bulky sex toys, Screaming O's toys are more compact and understated.

Sex toys are typically made in China, and marketed by a number of different companies.
Surveys from 2009 conducted by Indiana University and the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, & Reproduction show more than half of women and nearly half of men ages 18 to 60 reported using a vibrator either alone or with a partner.

Accurate revenue numbers for the entire adult industry are elusive, since business research firms do not track the market. Joanne Cachapero, communications director at the Free Speech Coalition, an adult industry trade group, says that until five years ago, the industry estimated its own revenues at $14 billion worldwide. But overall revenues are down about 30 percent since 2008, she says, led by a 50 percent drop in DVD sales. A handful of outside research studies a decade ago put total U.S. adult revenues between $1 billion and $4 billion.

Dave Levine, a 43-year-old Los Angeles man who founded $13 million sex toy wholesaler in 1995, estimates the U.S. sex toy business alone at $750 million to $1 billion annually. His 25-employee company supplies products and also does direct sales through He says adult film companies are now getting into novelties in a “big way,” partly to make up for revenue lost to piracy and the availability of free porn online. _Bloomberg

And just wait until "electrosex" devices start catching on!


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