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24 January 2012

Amazing Vaginas of the World

Frisky has a slideshow exhibit on the "Top 10 Amazing Vaginas", in which you can be exposed to "the women with two vaginas", the woman with no vagina, and other assorted wonders.
Top 10 Amazing Vaginas

The star of the show is Hazel Jones, one of the women with 2 vaginas. Hazel is an attractive 27 year old blonde who recently was offered $1 million to appear in a porn video.


Hazel was diagnosed with this condition -- uterus didelphys, with two vaginas and two uteri -- at age 18. She has been able to accept her condition, to the point that she goes with her husband to sex clubs, for recreation. Her willingness to share her condition with the world is a true sign of her personal generosity and openness.

An earlier story on Al Fin blog considered the situation of a Utah woman with the same condition who happened to become pregnant in both uteri over the same time period. The story was framed in the style of a satire, but links to the true story underlying the satire are included.



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