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03 January 2012

Sex Toys: $1 Billion Industry and Growing

Approximately 75% of the female population can’t orgasm from intercourse alone. This isn’t because they’re novices in the bedroom, or that their partners are bad in the sack – countless studies have shown correlation between physical anatomy and ability to achieve orgasm through intercourse. But thanks to The Screaming O, women of all sexual capacities can enjoy orgasmic intercourse, and the lucky 25% can have that much more intense of a sexual experience! _ScreamingO
Winner of multiple sex toy prizes, Screaming O sex toys are widely available via and other internet retailers, as well as in walk-in stores such as Walgreens. Compared to your grandmother's bulky sex toys, Screaming O's toys are more compact and understated.

Sex toys are typically made in China, and marketed by a number of different companies.
Surveys from 2009 conducted by Indiana University and the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, & Reproduction show more than half of women and nearly half of men ages 18 to 60 reported using a vibrator either alone or with a partner.

Accurate revenue numbers for the entire adult industry are elusive, since business research firms do not track the market. Joanne Cachapero, communications director at the Free Speech Coalition, an adult industry trade group, says that until five years ago, the industry estimated its own revenues at $14 billion worldwide. But overall revenues are down about 30 percent since 2008, she says, led by a 50 percent drop in DVD sales. A handful of outside research studies a decade ago put total U.S. adult revenues between $1 billion and $4 billion.

Dave Levine, a 43-year-old Los Angeles man who founded $13 million sex toy wholesaler in 1995, estimates the U.S. sex toy business alone at $750 million to $1 billion annually. His 25-employee company supplies products and also does direct sales through He says adult film companies are now getting into novelties in a “big way,” partly to make up for revenue lost to piracy and the availability of free porn online. _Bloomberg

And just wait until "electrosex" devices start catching on!



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