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19 February 2012

2 + Clips of Hysterical Pregnancy: Don't Let It Happen to You!

Hysterical pregnancy has much in common with other frequently seen hysterias of everyday life: carbon hysteria, peak oil hysteria, racism-sexism-homophobia-islamophobia hysteria etc. But it cuts close to the heart of what it means to be a productive human being. Here are 2 educationl clips on hysterical pregnancy to give you a better idea of the phenomenon.

In the above clip -- based upon an actual experience from Al Fin's medical training -- we see the lengths to which a person (usually a woman in the case of hysterical pregnancy) will go in order to receive acceptance and emotional support.

In the clip below, we happen upon three total strangers engaged in an impromptu and spontaneous dialogue on the subject of how a woman can succeed in Los Angeles. The discovery of the hysterical pregnancy only occurs toward the end of the clip.
It is important to understand that hysterical pregnancy is a subconscious phenomenon, and should not be confused with "faking it." The woman in the first clip, for example, would have no conscious memory of having blown up the balloon or of placing it in front of her lower abdomen, under her outer clothing.

Some of the most tragic cases of hysterical pregnancy, in Al Fin's experience, have involved persons who are no longer physiologically able to have children. One case in particular involved a patient who had undergone a sterilisation procedure several years earlier. But even the successful vasectomy was not enough to keep the poor man from suffering a hysterical pregnancy -- for a full 9 months!

Study the educational tapes above for a thorough understanding of the phenomenon, so that you do not have to suffer this tragedy. Don't let this happen to you.

More: Strictly for extra credit, here is one additional clip containing two cases of difficult to diagnose hysterical pregnancy. It turns out that both the grown woman and the little girl are both suffering from the malady. Study the tape carefully, and discuss among yourselves the signs in both patients pointing toward this diagnosis.



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