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24 February 2012

Can a 1,000 Euro Pair of Breast Implants Upset the Balance of Nature in Bagnolo? Bet On It!

Laura Maggi has been running Le Cafe in Bagnolo, Italy, for eight years. But it wasn't until she invested in breast implants and a more revealing wardrobe, that her business began to truly take off.
Le Cafe's Laura Maggi courtesy Daily Mail

After eight years running a bar, Laura Maggi suddenly found men beating a path to her door.

Not for the quality of her coffee and aperitifs, but because she had started appearing for work in highly revealing outfits.

Hundreds of male customers flocked there day and night, leaving their cars double parked in the surrounding streets.

Congestion became such a problem that the lady mayor announced she was considering an emergency bylaw to limit traffic in the area. _DailyMail
In fact, the Mayor forbid her husband from visiting Le Cafe, and several other wives of the village followed suit. But what are the women actually complaining about?

For a cost of between 1,000 Euros and 2,500 Euros, any woman can obtain a reasonable approximation of Laura's breasts. Revealing clothing is easily come by. Learning to think of one's self as sexy, and acting the part, may be the most difficult accomplishment for most modern, feminist-indoctrinated women, however. In many ways, large numbers of women may have forgotten how to act like women. If so, that could be an expensive lapse of memory for some, and a huge windfall of profits for Laura Maggi!

What if other female bar owners in Italy decide to imitate Laura's business plan? What will this do to the already drooping birthrates in Italia? If the men are all at Laura's bar, they can't be home making tomorrow's generation of Italians.

If Italy's women are to save the country's future, they may have to re-learn some very old lessons about human nature.

Adapted from an article published on Al Fin Potpourri

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