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15 February 2012

Sex Robots: Not Just for Japan, They're for Any Shrinking Population

A world of lonely singles finding comfort in the arms of a robot lover may be closer than expected in human hearts and minds. Only a few people have vowed romantic love for a life-size "RealDoll" sex doll or the virtual schoolgirls of the Japanese dating simulation game "Love Plus," but scientists say that even the simplest toy robots or video games have shown how machines can manipulate human emotions.
Tomorrow's sex robots or virtual companions still won't inspire most people to abandon their boyfriends and girlfriends — at least not until such artificial beings can look and behave human without creeping anyone out. Instead, many more people may find themselves forming platonic bonds with the next generation of smarter robot toys or virtual assistants in their cars and smartphones.

"We're not going to wake up someday and say 'It's OK to have a relationship with a robot,'" said Thalia Wheatley, a psychologist at Dartmouth College. "But it's going to organically happen that we grow to depend on these things." _InnovationNews
And when it happens, expect birthrates to plunge even lower than they already are in Russia, Japan, Eastern Europe and southern Europe.
Sex robots replacing wives and girlfriends: a new trend is gaining popularity in the United States and other hi-tech countries. Experts believe that in a few decades, romances between robots and humans will be nothing out of the ordinary.
In Russia, men typically die before the official retirement age of 60. This leaves a large number of aging babushkas with nothing but vodka to warm the long, cold, dark, and lonely nights. Who could blame them for turning to a robotic sex partner -- one that could even speak Russian with a regional dialect?

How long it takes for a society to accept robotic sex partners has a lot to do with how frustrated and desperate the people are. Somehow, I suspect for many western countries, it will not be long, now.



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