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12 June 2012

Restoring Sexual Pleasure to Millions of Muslim Women

Religious ritualfemale genital mutilation is common among dozens of Muslim cultures and communities, from Africa to the middle east to Southeast Asia, to immigrant communities in Europe, North America, and Oceania.

These mutilations are performed to protect the family honour, and to protect young girls and women from their own sexual proclivities. It is thought that any tendencies toward latent nymphomania and slutitude will be nipped in the bud by this crude surgical procedure.

But modern medical science has discovered ways of restoring sexual pleasure to the victims of this primitive and brutal practise:
Pioneering reconstructive surgery has brought new hope to a small number of the 140 million women worldwide who have suffered the pain and sexual desolation of female genital mutilation. Newly published feedback from hundreds of women who have had the reparative surgery reveals that it worked for most of them, easing pain and improving sexual pleasure.

"The real news is that it's feasible to give back pleasure, feasible to reconstruct the clitoris, and possible to give women back their lost identities," says Pierre Foldès of the Saint Germain Poissy Hospital in France, who developed the procedure.

Foldès and his colleagues followed up almost 3000 women – mostly from Mali, Senegal and Ivory Coast – one year after they had undergone the procedure. Because internal clitoral tissue survives the mutilation, the surgeons were able to trim away scar tissue and build a new clitoris that would protrude in the normal way.

Of the 866 women who responded to the follow-up, 821 reported that their pain had improved or was no worse. Clitoral pleasure had improved or was no worse in 815 of the women. Some 290 women reported a substantial easing of pain, and 430 experienced orgasms – including 129 who had never had them before. _NewScientist

The surgeries were performed in France, but plans are being made to train surgeons to work in the countries where such anti-sexual brutality is endemic.

The best solution would be to alter the primitive brutality of the underlying culture itself. But we have learned from multiculturalists in academia, media, and government, that it is wrong to judge primitive cultures, or to consider them inferior in any way.

And so for now, we are left with a delicate and expensive surgery which only helps a limited number of women, in a limited way.

Be grateful to the harmonies that you were not born into such a culture.

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