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02 October 2012

China Needs an Affordable Sex Robot

China is facing an existential crisis. Due to government policy and societal preferences, China has a large excess of unmarried young men -- all juiced up but no women in sight. In fact, China is in extreme danger of a fatal society-wide testosterone poisoning.
It's a tough, competitive life for men in China these days, in part due to the aftershocks of the one-child policy, which has left the country with a gaping gender imbalance of 120 boys for every 100 girls. Author Mara Hvistendahl reports in her book, Unnatural Selection: Choosing Boys Over Girls, and the Consequences of a World Full of Men, that by late 2020, 15 percent (or roughly one in six) Chinese men of marriageable age will be unable to find a bride. She predicts that China will see an increase in what's already happening in Taiwan and South Korea, where men doomed to bachelorhood as a result of gender imbalance are boarding planes to Vietnam. Roughly $10,000 covers their flight, room and board, and the price of a Vietnamese wife, according to Hvistendahl, and this practice has become so common that the imported wives "get a booklet translated into Vietnamese explaining their rights when they get married at the Taiwanese Consulate."

Although instances of bride-buying and bride-napping are often reported in China, men are also turning to the web in the face of increasingly heavy competition to attract a mate. _FP

But none of these approaches are likely to help China's poor and lowly farmers, living in womanless villages, at the bottom of societies hierarchy. China needs its farmers to produce food for a vast and still growing population, but the women have all moved to the cities in search of factory jobs. So what's a poor farmer to do, when he can't afford a mail order bride, and is not up to the job of stealing another man's daughter by force, to take as his own?

Perhaps the answer for China's future, is the development of an affordable sex robot. A sex robot capable not only of satisfying a poor farmers male urges, but also willing and able to help do the chores around the farm.

Many scholars of sex who have studied the topic now believe that realistic sex robots are inevitable. Most experts assume that sex robots will be used as private sex toys for the financially well off, or as a substitute for prostitutes in the sex trade.
They don't spread disease and they can't be sold into sex slavery.

Those are just two of the advantages of [sex robots], which will be edging out their human competition in the sex tourism market by the year 2050, according to an article published in the journal Futures. _HP

Robots will be taking on quite a wide range of roles in the near future. Robots are expanding from industrial applications to home applications -- cleaning the house, mowing the lawn, serving as robo-nannies and private tutors for youngsters, and yes, serving as intimate companions for lonely hearts.

But such robots are likely to be too expensive for China's poverty-stricken farmers, stuck in China's female-free back country. They need an affordable sex robot, that can also help around the farm.

Perhaps instead of building new stealth bombers, nuclear submarines, and giant aircraft carriers, China needs to develop and build an affordable helpmate for its lonely and long-suffering farmers -- before the entire nation collapses and starves to death.

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