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15 January 2013

Canadian Feminists Move to Block Sexbot Access

The use of sexbots in the privacy of one’s home is prohibited, unless otherwise permitted by the Ministry of Robots and Artificial intelligence or a relevant regulating agency as per the criteria outlined in the [Proposed Canadian] Human-Robot Personal Relationship Act. _Proposed Legislation
Jogging Sexbot: Control Pad on Left Cheek; Power Packs in Pre-Thoracic Area

Canadian Feminists are moving quickly to block access to new generations of sex robots, popularly known as "sexbots." The "Jogging Sexbot," pictured above, is just one of many new machines which Canadian feminists find objectionable.

These anti-sexbot activists hope to pre-empt access by Canadian men to a wide range of machine-simulated sex and sexual companionship -- before things get beyond their (Canadian feminists') control.
Following the recent Ontario/Canada Roundtable on Gender Equality, the below provisions have been proposed for the new Human-Robot Personal Relationship Act, the first draft of which is currently being finalized.The provisions are specifically meant to target the concerns that were expressed at the roundtable that sexbots will negatively impact the pursuit for gender equality and may unduly emphasize the objectification of women as sexual objects.The suggested provisions fall into the larger framework of regulating the emerging service robot industry that will be governed by the Human-Robot Personal Relationship Act and under the direction of the Ministry of Robots and Artificial Intelligence, to be established in Ontario and other Canadian provinces and territories at the end of next year.
...It is further proposed that provisions 6 and 7 are integrated into the Criminal Code of Canada to ensure uniformity with respect to the illegal creation, use, distribution, advertising, export and import of sexbots which are made in the image of minors under the age of 18. For the purposes of s. 163.1 of the Criminal Code the definition of “child” should include sexbots created in the image of minors under the age of 18. _Canadian Feminist Plan

Feminists worry that new technology will allow men to legally access all types of sexual experiences which had previously been forbidden by law. The problem -- in their minds -- is not limited to sexbots. All types of sexual simulations, sexual facilitators, and sexual augmentations -- from virtual reality to aphrodisiacs to transcranial magnetic stimulation -- hover on the horizon, menacing the dreams of feminists.

But can these Valkyries of Quasi-Virtue truly control the future of sex? Stay tuned, as future reality clashes with the ideologies of would-be dictators over mind and body.

Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

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